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Miles Teller’s LA Home Trashed by Burglars as He Holidays in Paris

Miles Teller is currently on vacation with his wife in Paris, and taking advantage of the actor’s absence, some burglars broke into his home last week. As per law enforcement sources, the intruders ransacked Teller’s house in Los Angeles.

The investigation into the matter is currently going on; however, police have not arrested any suspects as of now. It remains to be seen how the actor handles the situation once he returns from his vacation. Continue reading to know more about the incident.

Miles Teller’s LA Home Ransacked by Burglars

Sources from the Los Angeles Police Department have confirmed that some robbers entered the Top Gun: Maverick actor’s home last week by smashing a back door glass. The whole house is said to have been ransacked as the intruders went around looking for loot. It is not yet known which things were stolen from the property.

The officers were alerted of the incident by the home alarm, but by the time they reached the spot, the suspects had already fled. No arrests have been made till now, and the police are now checking surveillance camera videos to look for clues. Miles will be going through his stuff once he returns to confirm if anything is missing.

Sources have also revealed that it does not look like the 36 year old actor’s home was intentionally targeted. It is possible that he has become a target of a series of burglaries that have been taking place in the locality lately.

The Actor is Currently on a Romantic Vacation in Paris

For the past few days, Teller has been on a romantic getaway in Paris with his wife Keleigh Sperry. The actor celebrated his 36th birthday at the Le Jules Verne restaurant at the Eiffel Tour. Keleigh shared a special post for her husband on February 19, which featured the couple kissing in front of the iconic landmark.

“Happy early birthday my love 🥂thank you to @lejulesverneparis for an incredible dinner at the Eiffel Tower and @fsgeorgevparis for everything to help suprise him 🎂 🥹❤️ merci merci,” she wrote. Teller was also surprised by rose petals, balloons, and champagne in his hotel room by his wife. The couple has been married since 2019.

Miles and Keleigh Gave a Sneak Peek into their Home in Bud Light’s Super Bowl Ad

The burglary incident has been reported less than two weeks after the couple featured in couple Bud Light’s Super Bowl Advertisement, which also gave a sneak peek into their home. In the 1-minute clip, Miles and Keleigh are seen dancing to hold music as they get into ‘the spirit of easy enjoyment’ with Bud Light cans.

“It’s really been an incredible year for both Keleigh and I, not just professionally but personally,” Miles said about the advertisement. He added, “So, when Bud Light came and wanted us to be a part of a Super Bowl commercial, I mean, that’s the top of the mountain as far as these things go. We always look forward to watching them.”

“It doesn’t even feel like an advertisement. It feels like a slice of life and hopefully it makes people smile. There’s a lot of improv. We did go to a rehearsal, just to be professional about it — but in the back of my head I was kind of figuring… I kind of knew the moves I wanted to do,” he revealed.

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