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Michael J. Fox Shares His Mom Phyllis Passed Away Two Weeks Ago at 92

Michael J. Fox’s mother Phyllis has left for the heavenly abode! She passed away at the age of 92. The Back To The Future actor shared the sad news of his mom Phyllis’ death during his appearance at the 2022 New York Comic Con over the weekend.

Continue reading further to learn the main reason behind the death of the Hollywood actor Michael J. Fox’s mother Phyllis.

Michael J. Fox’s mom Phyllis has passed away at 92

While making an appearance at the 2022 New York Comic Con over the weekend, the Family Ties actor went on to say that his mother Phyllis “passed away two weeks ago.” He paid a heartfelt tribute to his mom Phyllis who passed away on September 24, 2022, Saturday at the age of 92.

As per her online obituary, Michael J. Fox’s mom Phyllis died peacefully during her sleep at the end of September. It also asks for donations to be made in the name of an array of causes such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, the Burnaby General Hospital, the BC Children’s Hospital, and Canuck Place, in lieu of flowers. So far, the cause of her death has not been revealed.

Michael J. Fox shared a sweet story about his mom at the Comic Con event

During his latest appearance at the Back to the Future Reunion Panel at New York Comic-Con (NYCC), Fox shared a story about his mom. He narrated a story about how his mom was initially not in his favor while he was shooting Family Ties in the daytime as well as Back to the Future at night in the 1980s.

Michael said, “I was 23 years old, and I called her, she was in Canada, and I said, ‘They want me to do this Steven Spielberg movie, but I have to do it at night and I have to do Family Ties in the daytime.’ And she said, ‘You’ll be too tired.'”

Fox responded to his mom Phyllis, “I live for this kind of tired. It’ll be okay. To this day — well, till two weeks ago — my mother thought it was a really bad idea for me to do Back to the Future. She loved the movie, [but she was right], I got tired.”

Who was Phyllis Fox?

Phyllis Fox was the mother of Hollywood actor Michael J. Fox. As per her online obituary, she was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in the year 1929 to father Henry “Skip” Piper and mother Jane “Jenny” Piper.

Phyllis had a total of three brothers Kenneth, Stuart, and Albert, and one sister named Patricia. All of her siblings as well as her son Mark and daughter Karen and husband William predeceased her.

Fox is survived by her two sons Steve and Michael, and daughters Jackie and Kelli. Along with them, other survivors consist of her 9 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, and a great-great-granddaughter. Her online obituary reads, “Nothing made her happier than watching her family grow.”

We send our deepest condolences to the friends and family members of Phyllis Fox during this hard time. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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