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Mexican Singer Carlos Parra Dies Aged 26 in a Car Crash in Arizona

In a tragic turn of events, Mexican singer Carlos Parra passed away in a car accident over the weekend. The singer, known as the lead vocalist of the regional Mexican band, Los Parras, died on May 6th in Arizona. He was 26 years old.

The news was announced by Carlos’ bandmates. The group is known for its hit songs Ya Te Supere, Recargado en la Barra, and Por Verte Feliz among others. Fans around the world are now mourning the singer’s death.

Singer Carlos Parra Dies in Car Crash in Arizona

As per reports by the police, the accident took place around 3:30 am on Saturday when a silver Honda collided with a red SUV and both the cars got fire. Carlos, who was driving one of the cars, lost his life on the spot. The other driver is reported to have died as well.

Los Parras announced their lead singer’s death by posting a picture of him with a block ribbon and writing, “To all the friends, family, and fans of the group with a broken heart we want to inform you that yesterday we had a car accident where our brother, Carlos Parra lost his life. RIP little brother we love you.”

“To see you happy I would give everything, that’s why you don’t cry, I depart if god called me into his arms. A true brother has no age, time, or distance. Last forever in the heart,” read the caption with the image.

Fans Shocked by Carlos Parra’s Death

A number of fans have taken to social media to express their shock and grief over the singer’s untimely demise. “Still in disbelief Carlos Parra passed away. praying so hard for Lillian, I can’t imagine her pain right now. been following them since way before they made it official. Life is crazy,” wrote a fan.

“I can’t believe that carlos parra passed away,” tweeted another. A third one wrote, “this news about Carlos Parra broke me. been a fan of him since 2016. can’t imagine what lillian & his family are feeling… DEP.”

“Take care of your partners, enjoy and live to the fullest every day that you are allowed to be together because we never know when life is going to give us a 360° turn,” commented a fan. “Carlos Parra’s death caught me completely off guard,” wrote another.

Carlos Parra’s Life and Career

Born in January 1997 in Mexico, Carlos formed a band with his brothers Cesar and Cristian. The group rose to fame with their songs Para Que Lo Notes and Jugando a la Baraja and garnered over 700,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. The three brothers then moved to the US and released their album Yo Ya Te Olvide in 2017.

Fans also loved Carlos for his adorable chemistry with his girlfriend, influencer Lillian Griego. The couple began dating in 2019 and regularly posted pictures with each other, which were widely appreciated by fans. Lillian Griego is a fashion influencer with almost 2 million followers on Instagram.

Our condolences to Carlos Parra’s family and friends. May his soul rest in peace!

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