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Meghan Fox Slams Lensa App’s Magic Avatars For Highly Sexualized Photos

American actress Megan Fox slammed Lensa AI App in her recent Instagram post. While sharing eight pictures generated by the app, Megan called out the app for sexualizing her pictures in its Magic Avatars. Interestingly, the app has a strict policy to not accept nude photos as source materials, which raises doubt about why all of her pictures were so exposed.

A Highly Sexualised Avatar…

All celebrities are going crazy about Lensa App’s Magical Avatar as they continue to share pictures generated by this fun app. However, Megan Fox slammed the Prisma Labs-owned app for sexualising her pictures specifically.

In her Instagram post, the “Transformers” actress shared eight pictures in Magic Avatar and captioned it: “Were everyone’s avatars equally as sexual? Like, why are most of mine naked??” Each of these images seems to feature her cleavage or show some degree of nudity. Moreover, two of the images seem to be fully nude.

Many of her fans took to the comment section and explained the reason. Some suggested that the AI app generates images of what a user has posted on Instagram in the past, and these results are based on the type of images she previously shared. One fan wrote: “Because that’s how you show yourself.”

Another wrote, “Because that’s how you dress.” One explained: “I think it depends on how you choose your selfie photos, the results are from your own sent pictures to the application. Another joked, “👏🙌🔥least they finally got her foxy eyes right ✅️.” Well, the star was surely trolled by some fans. 

On the other hand, some of her fans came forward to support the “Jennifer’s Body” star. One user flatly commented, “Patriarchy”. “The misogyny in comments. She has talked about the industry sexualizing her over the years, the world owes her an apology and instead you keep sending her hate,” commented another fan.

One defended her by writing: “I love you so much and the people in the comments are mad because you aren’t theirs or that they can’t be you so keep your head up and don’t let the hate get to you.”

Lensa App’s Magic Avatar

Since its release, Lensa’s “magic avatars” feature became a global hit. Recent generative AI advancements allow the app to produce more impressive results than the previous app. Sensor Tower data reveals that over 4 million people worldwide downloaded the app during the first five days of December. Shockingly, users spent over $8 million on buying these features.

Please note that Lensa App has a strict policy to not accept nude photos as source materials. Despite this, Megan Fox became an exception to it, raising brows at the authenticity of the app.  Megan’s case certainly raises doubts about a user’s privacy. It’s like we are falling for the shady ethics of AI-generated art.

Even though the app has a strict privacy policy, celebrities like Megan fell victim to being sexualised. The company, however, hasn’t responded to requests for comments yet. As for users, I’d suggest they be careful while sharing their content on this app. What do you think? Share your experience while using this app.

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