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McDonald’s Suspends its Operations in Russia

Along with Disney and other large corporations that halted production in Russia as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, McDonald’s has also joined the list of companies that have halted their business in Russia.

McDonald’s officially confirmed this news recently, and it appears that the company is taking a significant step.

Along with suspending operations, the business is also being generous by helping the 62,000 franchise employees in Russia.

So, there’s a lot of new material to discuss in this piece. Let’s go into the specifics of what McDonald’s CEO said about the halt.

McDonald’s Number One Priority Is Their People

The company issued an official statement by CEO Chris Kempczinski to MacDonald’s employees and franchisees.

According to the statement, the conflict in Ukraine and the European humanitarian crisis have brought indescribable misery to innocent civilians.

The franchise, as a system, joins the rest of the world in opposing violence and bloodshed and hoping for peace.

The CEO declared emphatically that they have determined their priorities, and it is undeniably their people.

The statement reads, “Our number one priority from the start of this crisis has been – and will remain – our people.”

If you recall or have been keeping up on current events, you should be aware that a large number of people on the internet have recently voted to boycott McDonald’s until and unless they discontinue business in Russia.

The CEO seemed to have mentioned something about having a talk like this.

“In recent days, I have spoken with and heard from many in our System about our operations in Russia. The situation is extraordinarily challenging for a global brand like ours, and there are many considerations.

For 66 years, we have operated with the belief that communities are made better when there’s a McDonald’s nearby.”

McDonald’s To Temporarily Close Restaurants & Pause Operations in Russia

Along with all of the news, McDonald’s ultimately declared that after working closely with its Chairman, Rick Hernandez, and the remainder of McDonald’s Board of Directors since last week, McDonald’s has opted to temporarily shut down all of its stores in Russia and halt all activities in the market.

The CEO recalled what Fred Turner had spoken years before, and his approach was straightforward: “Do the right thing.”

McDonald’s claims that their morals prevent them from ignoring the needless human misery taking place in Ukraine.

The decision was actually tough for McDonald’s because of all the financial crises the company has faced.

Chris stated, “McDonald’s has decided to temporarily close all our restaurants in Russia and pause all operations in the market.”

McDonald’s continues to pay full salaries to its Ukrainian workers, has provided $5 million to their Employee Assistance Fund. And is willing to support humanitarian operations in the region sponsored by the International Red Cross.

The company is doing everything it can for the community and its people.

McDonald’s Will Continue To Support 62,000 Russian Employees

Now that the outlet is discontinuing operations in the area, the loss extends to its employees as well.

But McDonald’s thought about it and decided to support all 62,000 employees who committed their hearts to the business by paying them their salaries.

The statement reads, “We understand the impact this will have on our Russian colleagues and partners, which is why we are prepared to support all three legs of the stool in Ukraine and Russia. This includes salary continuation for all McDonald’s employees in Russia.”

That’s actually generous and helpful for the employees.

Starbucks & Coca Cola Halted Their Activities In Russia

Along with McDonald’s, Starbucks also announced on Tuesday that they’re halting their business activities in Russia.

In a public statement to employees, CEO Kevin Johnson stated, “Today, we have decided to suspend all business activity in Russia, including the shipment of all Starbucks products.”

Starbucks, like McDonald’s, will continue to support its employees.

The statement continues, “Our licensed partner has agreed to immediately pause store operations and will provide support to the nearly 2,000 partners in Russia who depend on Starbucks for their livelihood.”

Coca-Cola also announced the discontinuation of its operations in Russia.

Coca-Cola is ceasing operations in Russia. The company says their thoughts go out to the people of Ukraine who are suffering horrible consequences as a result of these tragic occurrences.

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