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‘Mad Men’ Actor Robert Morse Passes Away Aged 90

Robert Morse, the actor best known by our generation as Bertram Cooper in the critically acclaimed series Mad Men (2007–2015), has passed away at the age of 90. The cause of death is still unknown.

The unfortunate news has been devastating to many fans of the show and co-stars and long-time friends. Morse had been married twice and is survived by 5 children.

Career and Legacy

The actor has had a career spanning 50 years and has won many awards, starting in 1961 for an adaptation of Shepherd Mead’s book ‘How to succeed in business without really trying’, This put him on the map as a successful actor earning him his first Tony, this further continued in 1990 with the role of Truman Capote in the play ‘Tru’ for which he won another Tony award.

in the 2000s his role as Bertram Cooper shot him to international fame and stardom, finally earning him the recognition he deserved, he was nominated for 5 Emmy awards and won the screen actors guild award.

He’s acted in over 30 comedies throughout the 60s and 80s and has been very active in the Television industry, If you’ve known him only for his role in Mad Men the catalog of movies and TV shows he’s acted in is bound to surprise and impress you

Life in Acting

Born in 1931 the actor has had quite the eventful life winning multiple Tonys, Emmys and Drama Desk awards over the 50 years he’s been acting, Fans of the video game prototype 2 would be interested to know that he played Doctor Anton Koening, He has so many credits to his name it would be quite the task to list them all.

It’s a beautiful thing to have a life well-lived and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones.

Internet Fanbase

There has been quite the outpouring of love and support from the fans of Mad Men who’ve grown to love the actor.

The actor has quite a few interesting credits to name a few “Sophia the first”, “The legend of Korra”,”Rugrats” and “Teen Titans – Go”

He received an uncredited role in The Proud and Profane (1956), a film starring Deborah Kerr and William Holden. Soon thereafter, he was cast as Barnaby Tucker in the original Broadway production of The Matchmaker, launching his career.

Robert Berkvist of the New York Times states: “His death was announced on Twitter by the writer and producer Larry Karaszewski, who worked with Mr. Morse on the television series “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.” He did not say where or when Mr. Morse died”

The details regarding his death haven’t been released yet but the internet has surely begun to pay its respects

Mr. Morse told The Times in 2014, referring to the show’s creator, Matthew Weiner. “I said I’d be happy to be Bertram Cooper, chairman of the board, and sit behind a desk. It looked like the road company of ‘How to Succeed.’”

Although Bertram Cooper was a straight dramatic role, Mr. Morse got to return to his musical-comedy roots in his last episode, aired in the spring of 2014, when the character died — and then reappeared, in a fantasy song-and-dance sequence, to croon the old standard “The Best Things in Life Are Free.”

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