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Lucy Simon’s Cause Of Death: ‘The Secret Garden’ Composer Died At 82

Lucy Simon, Carly Simon’s beloved sister, died at the age of 82. She was a well-known theatre and song composer. Lucy was a famous singer and songwriter who was renowned for the musicals The Secret Garden (1991) and Doctor Zhivago (2011).

When people first heard ‘The Secret Garden,’ they knew it was a work of genius. Simon formed The Simon Sisters with her sister Carly Simon in 1963. The duo also published three albums in total.

The performer also received awards and was nominated a few times for her outstanding work.

‘Lucy Simon’ Cause Of Death Confirmed

Lucy Simon, 82, died of metastatic breast cancer on October 20, 2022. Simon passed away on Thursday at her home in Piedmont, New York, according to a family spokesperson.

She is survived by her husband. Followed by children; Julie Simon and James Levine, and 4 grandchildren Sophie, Ben, Charlie & Evie.

In a Facebook post daughter of Lucy Simon penned a few days ago about her mom’s deterioration of health.

Julie Simon wrote, “In these days at my mother’s bedside, I find myself obsessed with ‘last times’ – the last time she could walk, the last time she could write, the last voice message I got from her.

I am trying to live in the moments she has now and the moments I will carry with me – endless, suspended… like our voices entwined with one another.”

Simon once remarked, “I believe life and art continue into the future. The melody always takes me home. It leads me to where I want to go. It’s my religion as if the ancient gods were speaking to me.”

Sierra Boggess, a Broadway star, shared her grief with her Instagram followers regarding Simon’s passing.

Boggess penned, “My heart is heavy but I’m going to try and speak on this. Her music is her gift to the world. In one of her last messages to me she said ‘I was going to ask you to carry my voice onward’ and I sat and wept.

With every breath, I will. I love you dearest Lucy, my fairy godmother. I miss you. I’m grateful for my time with you.”

Little About Lucy Simon’s Successful Career Path

First and foremost, she received a slew of accolades. Lucky and her husband, David Levine, won a Grammy Award for Best Recording for Children for In Harmony in 1981, and then again in 1983 for In Harmony 2.

She was also nominated for a Tony Award and a Drama Desk Award for her work on the Broadway musical The Secret Garden. As the composer of The Secret Garden, Simon made her Broadway breakthrough.

When Anthony Warlow played the lead in the Australian production of The Secret Garden, Simon said, “There is my Zhivago.”

Simon also worked on the Off-Broadway musical Mama and Her Boys. But, for the most part, Lucy started her professional career singing folk songs with her sister Carly Simon as the Simon Sisters, and later folk-rock.

The well-known personality also wrote and produced the songs and soundtrack for Holly Hunter’s 1993 HBO telefilm The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader Murdering Mom.

It’s heartbreaking to imagine what Lucy Simon’s family is going through. You are welcome to pay your tributes on Simon’s passing in the comment section below.

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