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List of Countries Supporting Russia During the Ongoing Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a special military operation in Ukraine in a televised address on Thursday and sent 150,000 troops to the Ukraine border. Ukraine Police confirmed that Russia has carried out 203 attacks on 24th Feb.

Russian foreign minister took to microblogging social media platform Twitter saying, “President #Putin: The purpose of this operation is to protect people who, for 8 years now, have been facing genocide perpetrated by the Kiev regime. To this end, we will seek to demilitarise & denazify Ukraine, bring to trial those who perpetrated bloody crimes vs civilians.”

List of Countries supporting Russia

The US has earlier indicated during the last two weeks that war seems to be imminent. US and several other nations have advised their respective citizens to leave Ukraine immediately.

This drastic step by Russia caused its currency ruble to plunge and a huge decline in its benchmark stock indices. The US and its allies imposed sanctions on Russia.

Experts opine that invasion by Russian troops will have repercussions all across the world and it will rattle world markets. There is even the possibility of plunging Europe into its worst security crisis.

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine tweeted, “A package of additional tough sanctions against Russia from the EU is approaching. Discussed all the details with @EmmanuelMacron. We demand the disconnection of Russia from SWIFT, the introduction of a no-fly zone over Ukraine, and other effective steps to stop the aggressor.”

We have covered the list of countries that will support Russia in our article today. Check out!

  • Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Belarus which were earlier part of the Soviet Union will take the side of Russia in this ongoing conflict.
  • Cuba, a close ally of Russia also extended its support to Putin.
  • Iran blamed NATO for the crisis and supported Russia. The Iranian Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, said, “The crisis is rooted in NATO’s provocations.”
  • North Korea‘s supreme leader Kim Jong Un came openly in Putin’s support and demanded the US to cease its hostile policy for isolating Russia.
  • Syria is in favor of Russia as Putin supported Bashar Assad, Syrian President in 2015.
  • Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro expressed open support to Russia by saying the country would have “powerful military co-operation” with Russia.
  • Nicaragua was one of the first countries to voice its support to Russia. Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega blamed Ukraine for provoking the war by looking for NATO membership.
  • While India has maintained a neutral stance being a non-aligned state as it has good relations with both Russia and Ukraine.
  • China has aimed to strike a fine balance between Russia and western countries and act diplomatically. Wang Yi, China’s foreign minister, asked all parties involved to “exercise restraint.” China cannot endorse the invasion of Ukraine by Russia as it would deteriorate its relationship with Western nations and on the other side, Chinese president Xi Jinping is looking forward to strengthening its relationship with Russia.

Both Xi and Putin share common goals: to expand their influence in the international markets and counter the power of the United States.

The Russian-Ukrainian crisis is not recent and has continued for more than a decade now.

Let’s hope that we have a concrete resolution for this crisis as the world cannot afford war after battling with Coronavirus for more than two years now.

Share your thoughts on this ongoing conflict between the two countries Russia and  Ukraine in our comments section!

Archana Kabra
Archana Kabra is a Freelance Writer and has been extensively writing stuff related to Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Technology. She is also an ardent music lover. Twitter handle: @archana153sarda


  1. We need a list of American law makers receiving Chinese and Russian money. And additionally the names of companies, media, Hollywood and sports personalities that have sold their influence for money. Add in colleges and unions. Let’s begin the treason trials.

    • Agreed, and start as soon as all those who planned, encouraged and participated in the Jan 6 Capitol takeover have been sentenced for treason.

      • Democrat operatives, Pelosi and the FBI as well as DC police, who refused help, opened barricades, told protesters it would be okay and started yelling that everyone should cross the line. A number of those protesters just decided to be stupid and trespass for a little while with no harm done at all. So I agree that the real culprits who manipulated and used January 6th should be in trouble. The Jan 6th commission won’t likely investigate itself however. Of course Trump did nothing but correctly denounce it in real time as well.

      • There was treason on January 6th? Where’s your evidence? Because do far after 1 year they haven’t found any evidence, so if you have it let’s see it.

  2. They have to do more than sanctions. Putin is threatening Finland now about NATO too. Put forces in Finland now! Read the history if 1938 to 1941 evolution of WWII. It’s almost an exact repeat of Hitler’s tactics while everyone kept trying to negotiate until it was too late. The names of the countries are different but the script is the same. Ref: 2194 Days of War ISBN 0-8317-8885-2

    • I agree with David. History is repeating itself with different players similar script. All nations, specifically the USA, must stop buying Russian energy an employ the toughest sanction, no holds barred, on Russia. We must the convince NATO to send massive number of troops and materials to alliance countries to demonstrate our resolve to end Putin’s ambitions. Unfortunately none of this will save Ukraine, but may well stop Russia’s advances before we find ourselves in WW3.

      • You all need to know that America has been and is the culprit behind all the world’s instability. America has always played the dirty game in undermining a country’s sovereignty and peace. Why does America poke its nose in everyone’s affairs when it is none of its business? Even if there is a problem between two nations that are far beyond its shores, why is America ever waiting to poke it’s nose where not needed, and aggravate the tension? If you take a look carefully at all the disputes in the world between countries, your eyes will open to the dirty games America has been playing and is playing behind the scenes. Why? Who broke up the USSR? Why did America, the cunning fox, bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki and kill innocent people? Why didn’t it drop the bomb on its own head, instead? Any country that supports the US should be considered “mad.” Instead of supporting that mad dog America, the world could be made a more peaceful place to live in, if all the countries of the world group together and wipe out America from the map.

    • I agree 100%. How can we be so blind, ignorant or indifferent. This new Hitler and the death and misery he is commencing will affect every single country on this planet. Putin needs to be arrested and tried for Crimes and against Humanity.

      • I totally agree.
        He is a new Hitler and I think they should send in the SAS and arrest Putin, his cabinet and all who support him out of his armed forces, for treason and put in a brand new government chosen by the people who wish to move forward and want world peace. Not likely to happen in my life time, but they could begin by thinking about it.
        Love ❤️ and best wishes to all nations. Its going to be a long time for us all. Good luck x

        • The president of Ukraine should be the first to be arrested for the act of genocide against Donesk and Luhansk citizens.
          And America questened on why Cuba should be restricted from certain moves, while Ukraine can.

    • Yes my late parents and family members were in ww2. I remember my mother telling me how horrific it was with the sirens going off, the blackened windows and rashens. She was a young girl and my father was called up so young and alongside his siblings. My father and uncle were kept prisoners of war and fought for their country. Certainly not for this war today, it was for World Peace.
      All countries sit around a big table and can make solid decisions when a war has started, but unable to do that to stop any war happening before them.
      I was brought up to believe that the big table is for man to lay the final cards on the table and nobody to argue the final decision.
      Why has it changed?
      Why can’t all of the leaders show an example to the rest of the world and their countries, to show the next generation how it is done. Without war.
      And leaders writing on social media?? It is so wrong. Its starts with one then the lost sheep follow.
      I wouldn’t have my home or business painted red in public. Somethings are private.
      It’s about time that they all stepped back, sit and think about the best way in which this problem can be resolved without the need of weapons. If they think for long enough, I’m sure their minds would be able to sort it out.
      Make world peace and love thy neighbour. 🙏 ❤

  3. So i heard there are bio labs where similar experiments are being carried out, like Wuhan…….and that Ukraine is part of the Cabal and new world order?! If that’s the case, i see that as more reason for Putin to do in. Very disturbing.

  4. There is something unstable about Putin he has bigger Ambitions besides Ukraine I’d be willing to bet that he’s going to Target other countries as time goes on he’s trying out his new missile systems to see how well they’re going to work but from what I’ve seen they’re not working very good Putin wants to threaten nuclear war maybe it’s time to bring back political assassinations and with his generals not exactly agreeing with them to the classic poisoning with radiation on Putin get rid of him he is too much of a threat to this world but I guess I don’t understand the point of what it is exactly that he wants to do with Ukraine there’s more than just a reunification issue here we cannot stand by and let Russia strong-arm all the other countries and then threatened everybody with his nuclear capabilities what we should do is send out our advisers from Special Forces and whatnot and praying these people how to fight a guerrilla tactics what year in the United States if we’re ever invaded the country that’s invading us doesn’t have a chance we have too many guns we have too many crazy people and nobody is afraid to use them so that’s how we should make it over there make it a peaceful Nation so his unsuspecting but if they get messed with like from Russia and they can just open up a can of whoop-ass on them that’s not going to be easy but they might think twice about trying to do it to another country

    • I agree with you, your exactly right. Putin is STILL a KGB man. He has never changed, he’s a Communist, what doesn’t the rest of the world understand about this?

  5. Mote so get Biden the hell out of office, he has blundered everything since he took office, All you idiot dummycraps brought this on yourselves. To put a fumbling fool in office.

    • And do what? Your profound ignorance and overabundant stupidity is showing …..what do you suggest be done once you throw Biden aside…..do you believe that Trump will come back and save your ass? No! That wont happen because as Steve Schmid said the other day ” tRump is a whore who would sell this country for flattery ….remember that your obvious buffoonery coincides with dumbing down of America ….and your Godless traitorous seditionist hero will hopefully be brought down by his own blimp like ego and his own stupidity …before he can change this country that we love into a failed democracy as we bow to whatever neo- fascist despot the great pumpkin decides to be next week ….maybe he will pattern us after Nazi Germany or maybe North Korea …..

      • Wow, calm down and please stop drinking the liberal kool-aid. The conservative party is trying to save our Republic, while the far left libturds try everything to destroy it.

      • Biden is a weak man and too old now. Kamala is very inexperienced and was disliked by the employees of the CA AG’s Office. She wasn’t in the US Senator’s Office that long. She jumps from job to job and I don’t think really ever learns a job correctly. So neither of these two are going to do well in this situation. Trump is gone so no matter about him. I think Bill Clinton would be a better person to bring back if we could bring someone back. I am not an Obama fan, but he would be better than either of these two. We need to hope that the strength of all the other NATO countries can step up and fight this with us. But unless someone can get threw to Putin or kills him, there is going to be destruction.

  6. A huge concern we have now are nukes. Not only does Russia have nukes but the countries supporting Russia have nukes. These countries include China, Iran, India, and North Korea.
    These other countries are watching Putin. They may decide to annex other territories as a result.

  7. Stop letting China from building their factories over here .and paying cash for homes. Preventing the young families from purchasing. Because China gives the people coming over here cash to buy up land


  8. As an American and Former US Marine it frustrates and disappoints me to see this senseless aggression towards innocent people that to my knowledge have done nothing but try and live a life as we do in the US. I don’t agree with the world watching as this senseless slaughter of people continues. The world needs to stand together and stop this immediately. There is no justification in killing innocent people, women children what the hell are we doing allowing this to occur. Today it’s the Ukraine tomorrow another Country and more innocent lives lost. Did we not learn anything from WWII. Let’s stop this new Hitler before he spreads his bullshit political cause and inflicts more Death and misery. I know we all don’t know what is really going on. But I know that watching innocent people driven from their homes, having them destroyed, and seeing them run from their own country is enough to say wait! What the hell is going on here. We are the strongest Nation on this planet we can’t stand by and watch people of this world treated in such a manner. It’s time to lock and load and put a stop to this piece of shit Russian bastard. STOP KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE. LEAVE THEM ALONE.

  9. Mr. Biden how can you continue to stand by and watch innocent people murdered. Take responsibility for gods sake. Use the power of this Nation to help protect innocent people instead of just using to it to gain wealth. Have a spine, backbone and self respect. DO THE RIGHT THING.

    • I totally agree Joe! The Ukrainian people are having to defend themselves against this powerful military “”ALONE”! It sickens me to see all the World Powers including our own, sit by and write out “hand slapping sanctions” and then tell the Ukrainian people that “We stand with them”? Yeah we stand by them, from over 5 thousand miles away! What we’ve all done, along with every other country, is run in fear of Putin’s threats! Now he knows no one will dare defy his warnings? Wow is this who we are? Is this who we’ve become?

  10. Bruce, Biden’s administration has been in office one year and one month. Is this really the problem? Or the time to attack our own government? And, if so, would you care to comment on Donald Trumps proclamation of Putin being a genius?

    • I will comment. I do think the way Trump thinks that he thinks Putin is a genius. The end justifies the means. Putin is holding the world hostage now by just powering through without hesitation, while the rest of the relevant countries gather and try to figure out how to combat this in the most cautious way. I have always wondered how one maniac person can hold a couple of people hostage while numerous police, swat teams, negotiators wait outside and try and figure out how to get the people out and capture the maniac. It is amazing the power one person can weave by just plowing forward without care. Nobody wants a nuclear war and destruction of our world. So to prevent this, Putin may see many of his demands satisfied by agreement or default. That is how I think Trump is thinking he is a genius. But of course this is just my take. Hopefully the violence will end and nations figure out the solution.

  11. Isn’t this how HITLER started out? Warring & conquering & occupying 1 country after another? Mass concentration camps, mass murder, forced labor, mass incarceration, cruel medical experiments, mass theft, genocide? Back then it was HEIL HITLER,…next it will be HEIL PUTIN… UNLESS ü stop this madman now, Now, NOW!!!!!¡

  12. Both the US and the EU are very aware of Putin’s intent to reconstitute the USSR with only his hands on the reins of power. He has always been an enemy of the West inspite of the smiling face he has consistently presented on the world stage. What we don’t know about West’s background moves during this period, except for the 4 years prior to the current Administration, would fill the Library of Congress. So, control your outrage;. believing that nothing has or is being done to control this piggish madman;. and have some trust that Ukraine will remain a sovereign country.

  13. Stop all oil and gas exports from Russia. Employ SWIFT sanctions immediately against Russia. Sanction any country that does business with Russia. Launch crippling cyberwar against them.
    Destroy the Rubble and their oil fields.
    This will stop Putin in his tracks and send a message to Xi Xinping.

  14. Something very interesting which country does ISRAEL support in this war as ISRAEL receives billions of dollars from USA ???

  15. Well just let WW3 happen as it will resoulte all the ongoing problems for those who have created it. We all know America cannot act against Russia because all the major dominating countries are in support of Russia. Who is gonna support America against Russia along with China, N.Korea, The Middle East and all the Islamic countries. It’s better to leave ukraine as it is because going against Russia will mean an end to America, NATO and UN.

  16. The US can’t mind its business and Act diplomatic forming a neutral alliance between the two? This would be wiser. We don’t want the heat those two fools are plotting (Russia & China). Just come out of the mess, we have a massive number of problems of our own.

  17. For the wickedness and Arrogance of two little parties, hundreds lose their lives!! This is what pains me most. Why not attack only themselves in their lack of wisdom, why involve innocents.


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