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Kylie Strickland, Georgia TikTok Star Arrested For Exposing Her Bare Breasts To Children At Pool

TikTok influencers can go to any extent to get famous, but this one really crossed moral boundaries. A Georgia TikTok star Kylie Strickland exposed her bare breasts in front of two children at a pool during a livestream. She was arrested by Pike County police after her video went viral on June 28, 2022.

Kylie Revealed Tits To Adolescent Boys…

A 30-year-old TikTok influencer, Kylie Strickland, who has over 261,500 followers was arrested this week and is being investigated for revealing her bare breasts to two adolescent boys at a pool. She was arrested by Pike County police officers after her video went viral on TikTok on June 28, 2022.

In a recent livestream, Strickland recorded herself in a swimsuit with another adult woman and two underage boys. During the video, Strickland lifts her swim top, laughing. The arrest warrant reveals that she is facing charges for computer or electronic pornography and child exploitation, a felony in Georgia, according to police.

The Pike County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a report, “Strickland was reported to have been at a residence in Pike County when she purposefully provocatively exposed her breasts to two minor children while streaming live on social media. Investigators were able to work in conjunction with Troup County Sheriff’s Office personnel after this case had originally been reported to that agency.”

Troup County Sheriff James Wood released a statement, saying: “While we understand the emotions that this video caused, we always take our time when investigating any case, especially one originating on social media.”

Kylie Defends Her Shameful Act…

In a video that has since been reshared on other platforms, Strickland appears to be in a swimming pool at a home in Pike County, Georgia, and asks young boys, “You want to see titties? Bottles up!” Then, she appears to flash her breasts and laugh.

One thing is clear. Kylie Strickland isn’t ashamed of her actions. Well, she defended herself by causally dealing with these serious charges, saying that the boys had seen breasts many times before and her flashing them was not notable. She stated: “Those little boys have seen more boobs than I have probably seen in my entire life.” 

Not only this, but she also claimed that the adolescent boys were also drinking alcohol at the pool before she had even entered and said she was not responsible for how other adults present raise their children. Amid the backlash, the influencer’s TikTok account with 261,500 followers and 7.4 million likes has been set to private.
Now, if you’re wondering how the parents of these two kids are reacting, you’d be shocked to know that they are more than okay with it. In fact, they suggested that they had to pay for seeing what their kids got to see for free. Shameful, isn’t it? A screenshot circulating on social media revealed the alleged text message conversation between the 30-year-old and one of the minor’s parents.
Per the messages, the parents were completely okay and did not consider it to be a serious issue. The alleged parent’s texts read, “Nah, you good, someone done got mad [sic] they had to pay to see them and the boys didn’t.” Well, Kylie is awaiting a hearing and it seems like it’s only the police authority who cares. What do you think about this incident?
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  1. I remember being mooned by some drunk man at a boat parade when I was a kid and it was funny,no big deal. I asked my mom why he pulled his pants down and she explained “mooning”. Cops not needed, no big deal. Why do people get so upset about stupid meaningless things.

  2. Because there is a moral boundary between adults and children and if you don’t understand that, my explanation isn’t going to help you. If she wants to flash grown, consenting adults, that’s one thing. Being sexually proactive to children is disgusting. I’m sure you’d have something to say if someone playfully showed their penis to you. No harm right…..

    • Vince, it says they are teen boys and in your teens you may have identified as a girlso you wouldn’t know, ALL teen boys want to see TITTIES!!! Calm your mangina and mind your own business! This ain’t got shit to do with you!!!!

    • Vince, did you read the whole story or see the headline and react? I can’t find the audacity to be upset that 2 teenagers drinking beer in a private residence pool would wanna see books. The parents of the teens didn’t even care and are literally defending her actions. Also, please stop comparing penises to breasts, you look ridiculous even trying to pretend it’s a close comparison.

  3. I find it funny (not in a good way) that someone flashing a boob is publicly criticized and faces legal prosecution, but if those same teenage boys were exposed to AK-47s and posts about gun violence no one would say anything.

  4. Oh noooo… not breasts! Anything but breasts! This article is ridiculous and so are the charges. Was it stupid? Well yeah. But not because exposing bear breasts is wrong (it’s not), but because she did it as an immature joke and should have expected some backlash because of society’s view on female breasts that they are somehow shameful to expose. But if a man can be topless, a woman should be able to be topless as well. Several states allow this.

    • I like that law, reading this makes me think of that Bob’s burgers reference in the Simpsons when Lisa logs every online disaster, “he screwed up”
      But no they just want to make an example of people, I bet it happens all the time and especially who wouldn’t want to see boobs when you’re a teenage boy like what now adults did when they were teenagers

  5. So what if these kids were at Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street walking with their parents..and happened to look up?. Hmmm lots of charges there.

  6. There’s a naked bike ride that goes on every year in downtown St.Louis and believe me when I say that kids see more on that day than anyone of those kids seen that day.

  7. I hate America. These comments are absolutely disgusting and morally repugnant. Not least of them, hers, declaring her actions inconsequential because other people had done it. The question here is not whether or not breast are sexual organs, the question here is intent. Because, you see, children seeing breasts is not the problem, children being sexualized by a woman twice their age is.

    *They’re teen boys, they like titties” Well a dog might like the taste of antifreeze but it’ll still kill em dead. No they won’t literally die but the death of innocence is just as bad and given their poor upbringing they are just as ignorant about why what she did is wrong (as well as a lot of you) as a dog is about the dangers of antifreeze. And for the same reason you wouldn’t give a dog poison (you know, because you care about them and wouldn’t want to see harm come to them. Oh, and let’s not forget because hurting them would make you feel bad) is the same reason you (at flipping 30) shouldn’t be making sexual advances at CHILDREN.

    Teens are not capable of making comprehensible decisions for themselves. They can not vote, they can not adopt, they can not own property, they are not legally able to freely operate a motor vehicle and they cant go into strip clubs. Why is that? Because they have not lived long enough to make wise decisions in their best interests. That’s why adults (and surely someone in their 30s can expected to be an adult) are meant to make wise decisions for them.

    “This isn’t the first time..” ok so let’s just uphold the tradition of abuse because, you know, other people have done it before you, so you are not accountable for your actions, right? Instead of looking at those youths and thinking “it’s obvious no one in their lives have cared enough about them to protect them from deviance, I may not be able to change that but I refuse to contribute to it.” No, she thinks “I’m getting old and I want to feel pretty and sexually desirable so I’ll expose myself to these young boys because they don’t know better than not to like body and will not judge my body from a place of knowledge but from pure sexual arousal.” The level of narcissism that has to be culminating in her is staggering. She did it for likes and that’s worse than sad, it’s down right depressing.

    “They’re just titties” ok let’s be generous and say they were 16 (probably closer to 14 but I digress) a 30 yr old man ask to see your 16 yr old daughter’s titties, they’re just titties, right, and, as one of you said, boys like titties. Which brings me back to intent, if a woman walks around top less because she has the bodily right to do so, just as a man, then she is not responsible for how a male’s body reacts to that exposure. She is not intending to arouse anyone because breasts are not innately sexual organs. But here’s the rub, as so many of you have demonstrated, people will uphold tradition despite it being wrong, morally or otherwise. We HAVE sexualized breasts and knowing that she exposed herself with the intention of arousing those boys. And whether you believe in it or not, whether you agree or not, actions have consequences. She knew what she did was wrong and that’s precisely why she did it. And if she didn’t want to pay the pipper she shouldn’t have live streamed herself committing a felony, or, and here’s a novel idea, she should have kept her tits to herself and other consenting adults. She, like these boys parents, had a responsibility to protect them from corruption and they failed miserably. So quick to want to sherk off responsibility for the people you created that you (the parents) exposed your children to adult situations before their brains were able to comprehend the consequences of their actions and for what, so you could have a friend and not a child. Because a parent is expected to be responsible for their child but not their friend. Grow them up quick so that you can go back to doing whatever you want to do because “they’re big boys, they drink, they’ve seen titties, they can take care of themselves.”

    And when they grow up to be sexual deviants the lot of you will be quick to string them up by their toenails because they should have been raised better, they should know better. This situation is so reflective of the state of America its laughable, the mental gymnastics. Don’t abort babies bc all lives matter but don’t give to the homeless or pedophiles or felons bc they don’t matter. Oh, and when you pop that kid out, whatever you do with it is none of my business and certainly not my responsibility. People shouldn’t be paid a living wage or expect reasonable hours or time off because “reasons” but f politicians and billionaires bc they don’t care about how what they do affect the little guy.

    I’ll leave you with this, if you are ok with these teens being sexualized by a 30 yr old woman and not a couple of teen girls being sexualized by a 30 year old man, is it because you think girls are less capable than boys in making responsible decisions about their own body and defending themselves against unwanted advances? or that boys are not worthy enough of protection from female predators? Because I better bet ya that if she was Kyle with implants and not Kylie the natural woman you’d be singing a different tune. But boys like titties, right?

  8. Imagine if the headline was “Adult Male Shows Penis to Two Under-aged Girls”

    Would anyone defend that?


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