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Kim Kardashian Look-Alike Christina Ashten Gourkani Dies at 34 Following Plastic Surgery Procedure

Christina Ashten Gourkani, famous as a Kim Kardashian look-alike, has died at the age of 34 after suffering a cardiac arrest. The model had undergone a plastic surgery procedure last week and passed away in the hospital while in recovery on Thursday, April 20th.

Gourkani, better known by her internet name Ashten G, was an OnlyFans model and enjoyed a huge fan following on social media. She regularly posted pictures on Instagram for her 618k followers. Read on to know more about her life and career.

Kim Kardashian Look-Alike Ashten G Dies at 34 Following Plastic Surgery

Ashten’s funeral is scheduled for next week, and her family has set up a GoFundMe campaign to fund the same. The campaign page reveals that Ashten died early morning on April 20th.

“In the early morning hours at approximately 4:31am on 4/20/2023 our family received a tragic phone call from a family member who was frantically screaming and crying [hysterically] on the other end of the line…Ashten is dying…Ashten is dying.”

“A phone call that instantly shattered our world and will forever haunt our family for the rest of our lives,” reads the GoFundMe. The campaign has so far raised $4200 out of the $40,000 target.

The Case is Being Investigated as a Homicide

Ashten’s family has revealed that her death is being investigated as a homicide related to a medical procedure. “Her sudden and tragic passing is currently being investigated as a homicide related to medical procedure that took a turn for the worse,” said the family.

They described her as a caring and loving person who always brought a smile to people’s faces.  “She was the kind of person that would kneel down and talk to children at eye level, she searched for the lonely person in the corner and made them feel special as she has such a gift of connecting with people.”

“On many occasions I’ve seen her turn her adversarys into life long friends just after 10 seconds of pouring her charismatic joy, positive energy and her beautiful smile that she gave to those around her.  Ashten’s spirit is a light that will forever carry on to her loved ones around her and those that she has left behind,” wrote Ashten’s family.

Fellow OnlyFans Model Mary Magdalene Pays Tribute

Ashten’s fellow OnlyFans model Mary Magdalene paid tribute to her on Instagram and talked about the ill effects of plastic surgery. “I don’t know her I would always just randomly see her on Instagram and I think she was really pretty but that is so sad she just died from plastic surgery.”

“It is so scary because you really just never know if you’re gonna die from it omg. That’s why I always tell my family to pull the plug if Something Happens because I don’t want brain damage not me being dramatic but it’s just stuff like this you can die or get brain damage you just never know. Anyways rest in peace to her. This is so sad.”

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