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Kate Middleton Feels ‘Hurt’ And ‘Betrayed’ By Harry’s Portrayal Of Royal Family In Netflix Doc

Buckingham Palace may have decided to keep the royals away from issuing a statement following Netflix’s “Harry and Meghan”, but Kate Middleton surely feels betrayed by Harry. An insider revealed that Kate feels hurt that Harry did this to her, especially as the pair “used to be so close”. Read on to learn more about it.

Kate Middleton Hurt & Betrayed…

The royal members may comment or enjoy Harry and Meghan’s Netflix docuseries over popcorn, but the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton certainly feels ditched by her brother-in-law. Even though the royal family has refrained from issuing any statement in their defense, a close source revealed: “Kate feels hurt and betrayed that Harry would do this to her, too, especially as the pair used to be so close.”
As for Prince William, who is the subject of several allegations in “Harry and Meghan”, the insider revealed that the prince isn’t keen to give his side of the story or “openly retaliate”. The insider claimed, “He’s remaining dignified and is getting on with the job.”

Kate and William Haven’t Seen The Doc

Last week, an insider from the royal family revealed that William and Middleton have not watched “Harry & Meghan”. “William and Kate’s aides have briefed them on the show, but don’t expect the couple to sit down in their cottage with a bowl of popcorn to tune in themselves,” the insider revealed. 
If you’ve watched the six-episode Netflix documentary, you may be aware that Harry and Meghan spoke about Prince William and Kate on multiple occasions in the docuseries. Not only did Harry allege his brother of breaking an “agreement” to not leak stories about each other, but he also revealed his brother’s erratic behaviour following his exit from the royal family.
In the documentary, Harry referenced a 2020 report about the brothers feuding, and claimed that he did not agree to release a joint statement “quashing the story about William bullying him and Markle out of the royal family.

In Episode 5 of the explosive Netflix docuseries, Prince Harry said: “It was terrifying to have my brother scream and shout at me, and my father [King Charles III] say things that just simply weren’t true.” He added that his grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, sat quietly and let them disrespect him.

At one point in the episode, Harry recalled that he felt “nervous” and admitted tension was high, quoting his awkward family reunion at Westminster Abbey, where Harry and William barely acknowledged each other. “It looked cold,” Harry recalled, “but it also felt cold.”

Recently, the royal couple displayed a bold show as they received the “anti-racism” award at the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights ceremony in NY. If you are not aware, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were felicitated with the Ripple of Hope award for their bold stance against “structural racism” in the royal family.

Previously, startling revelations were made about Prince William’s behaviour towards Meghan. William thought that Harry and Meghan were moving too fast. In their book, “Finding Freedom”, royal reporters Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand claimed that Harry was “pissed off” at William, who thought he was “blindsided by lust”. Do you believe the allegations against the royals?

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