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Kaseya Ransomware Attack Hit Upto 1500 Businesses Around the World

Last week a Florida-based IT firm, Kaseya was infiltrated by a group of hackers, and they performed ransomware attacks, grabbing a lot of crucial data, demanding $70 million to stop the ransomware attack and return the stolen data.

The hack of Kaseya, the IT management firm, is being referred to as,” the biggest ransomware attack of all time”. On paper, this attack has affected 1,500 businesses including supermarkets in Sweden and many schools in New Zealand.

In response to the attack, the cybersecurity team is doing their best to recollect the data that have been stolen by the hackers, whereas, on the other hand, the Biden administration is busy thinking about all the possible diplomatic responses they can give.

Here’s everything known about the attack, as of now.

What Happened, And Why Is It the Biggest Ransomware Attack Of All Time?

A group of hackers, invaded Kaseya, an IT firm, managed to steal all their customer data, and now they are demanding $70 million for its return. Kaseya is mainly famous as a “service provider”, which means many small and big companies use its system for their own tech departments. This is the reason why the incident is becoming grave, with passing time. In order to maintain the security of its system, Kaseya always releases new updates for its customers. Hackers used the same “pushing regular updates” option to push malicious software to Kaseya customers’ systems.

According to Doug Schmidt, a computer science professor at Vanderbilt University, this incident is appalling because the hackers used the system that was mainly designed to protect Kaseya customers from any malicious activity.

Schmidt said, “This is very scary for a lot of reasons – it’s a totally different type of attack than what we have seen before. If you can attack someone through a trusted channel, it’s incredibly pervasive – it’s going to ricochet way beyond the wildest dreams of the perpetrator.

Who Is Affected By The Hack?

According to Kaseya, almost 1500 businesses were affected because of the hacking incident, however, many independent research agencies are claiming that the number is 2000. An analysis was done by Sophos Labs, and according to them, 145 victims are only from the US, which includes both local and state government agencies of small and medium-sized.

Talking about the incident, Joe Biden said on Tuesday that the hacking incident has mainly affected small businesses that include dentists, accountants, or some other officers. The news that many domestic companies have been affected is false.

In a talk with reporters, Biden said, “It appears to have caused minimal damage to US businesses, but we are still gathering information. I feel good about our ability to be able to respond.

On the other hand, many other countries are feeling the impact of this hacking incident. Tons of supermarkets were forced to shut down in Sweden, all because of their cash registers not responding. Whereas in New Zealand, servers of many schools and kindergartens went offline.

Who Is Behind The Hack?

A Very popular Russian hacker group, REvil has taken the responsibility for this ransomware attack, which affected almost 1500 businesses. REvil is the same hacking group that came into the news after their ransomware attack on the meat producer firm, JBS. They stopped the complete supply chain of the company and forced them to give $11 as a ransom.

What Kaseya Is Going To Do Next?

According to the information given by Fred Voccola, Kaseya’s chief executive officer, the IT firm has yet not decided whether they are going to pay $70 million as a ransom, or are going to take some other steps.

Talking about giving away ransom money, Schmidt said, “When hackers are assured they are going to get paid, and not going to get caught, they get a lot more brazen. We are going to see a major, major escalation in this kind of attack. This is going to get a lot worse.

So, these were all the information available on the ransomware attack done on Kaseya. Stay connected to our website to find out whether Kaseya will agree to pay the ransom, or they will figure some other way out.

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