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Kanye West Serves Sushi on Naked Women’s Body at 46th Birthday Bash, Sparks Backlash

Kanye West is again in the news for all the wrong reasons. The disgraced rapper, who recently turned 46, celebrated his birthday with a star-studded party that featured some pretty bizarre antics.

At the birthday bash, which took place in Los Angeles over the weekend, sushi and sashimi were served on a nude woman’s body. Social media is now calling out the rapper, labeling his move as ‘misogynistic’.

Kanye West’s Birthday Bash Had Food Served on Nude Woman’s Body

The videos and photos from the party have now surfaced online which show a woman, probably a model, lying naked and motionless on a table. She is seen covered only with pieces of sushi and salami, which guests could pick to eat. In another video, a chef was seen beside the woman delicately placing his dishes on her body.

Meanwhile, Ye’s track Come to Life is heard in the background in the dimly lit venue. In one of the clips, the rapper is seen talking to guests while standing near the naked woman. While all this was going on, Ye’s 9-year-old daughter North was also present at the party.

The act of serving food on a nude woman’s body is a Japanese practice called Nyotaimori. The practice has been around since the 1600s and is now seen as sexist by some people. As per Nyotaimori, food is served on sanitized leaves placed on a woman’s body, and she is expected to lay completely still and silent until the last piece of food is picked up from her body.

Social Media Lashes Out at the Rapper

A number of people are pissed at Ye and are calling him a misogynist for his actions. Others are concerned about the presence of North West in an NSFW party. “So kanye flipped when kim let north do a dance on tiktok but he’s okay with having her come to his birthday where they’re serving sushi off a naked woman?” wrote a Twitter user.

Another tweeted, “in what WORLD is treating women like objects for male consumption (literally) not misogyny?” A user also wrote, “treating a human woman like a plate is kinda misogynistic big dog.”

“She stayed the whole night with sushi all over her while people are partying around her omg,” wrote a user. Another penned, “bruh if there is ANYBODY left out there in kanye circle, plz get through to this man bc…… HUH. his quiet part out loud objectification of women is off the charts.”

Ye’s Party was a Star-Studded Affair

Apart from the sushi-plated model, the party also made news for being a star-studded affair. The bash was organized at a warehouse in LA on June 10th and was attended by Ty Dolla $ign, Chlöe Bailey, and Freddie Gibbs. Meanwhile, North West was seen spending time with her father’s wife Bianca Censori.

Ty Dolla $ign also shared glimpses of the event on his social media. He was seen laughing out loud with his friend in the pictures and captioned the post, “Big Motion mane ! Hbd to my brothers @kanyewest and @djfai.”

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