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Kamala Harris Avoids Using Bluetooth Headphones As They Pose A Security Risk

A report published in Politico’s West Wing Playbook on 6th December mentioned that Kamala Harris, Vice President of USA, is so “Bluetooth-phobic” that she uses wired headsets.

Kamala Harris reportedly prefers using wired earphones as she is afraid that Bluetooth (wireless) headsets pose a security risk.

The report said, “But still, should someone who travels with the nuclear football be spending time untangling her headphone wires? The American people deserve answers!”

Why does Kamala Harris avoid using Bluetooth headphones?

In today’s fast-moving world many people are using almost invisible buds and pods to communicate or listen to music, etc. However, Harris is often seen with the telltale cable dangling from her head during television interviews or video calls.

Last year in 2020, when Joe Biden won presidential elections, Kamala is seen speaking to Joe with a tangle of white wires in her left hand in a viral video. However, as per some experts, the reason might not be Bluetooth-phobic but instead concern that hackers might intercept her communications.

Sergio Caltagirone, a former NSA threat intelligence analyst, said, “It’s a fine protocol for almost everyone, even with vulnerabilities because it requires reasonably close access to exploit it along with an actor who has both the capability and intent to do so. That means only a few thousand people out of the billions on earth need to worry about this problem. The US Vice President and other USG executives are amongst those people.”

Kamala is very cautious about security and technology. She prefers to text instead of email and also does not allow people visiting her office to wait alone.

While some experts say it is wise to be cautious as she is the second line in command after Biden and has access to classified information whereas others say that she verges on the paranoid.

According to cybersecurity experts, there might be some reason for the vice president’s approach.

Kim Crawley, cybersecurity researcher, and writer said, “If Kamala Harris is using wired earbuds, then the communications going between her phone and her ears can’t be intercepted there. I would presume that Ms. Harris is privy to a lot of top-secret and classified information and that top secret and classified information could be going through her phone, so no I don’t think that’s overly paranoid.”

Even though security has drastically enhanced ever since Bluetooth was invented in the 1990s however it is still prone to potential points of attack.

Kamala is not the only personality in the retro look as many famous celebrities like Bella Hadid, Lily-Rose Depp, and Zoë Kravitz were seen with corded earphones.

Vice President Kamala Harris has not yet responded on why she uses wired earphones.

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