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Jury Found Eric Holder Jr. Guilty of First-Degree Murder of Rapper Nipsey Hussle

Eric Holder Jr.’s attack was premeditated and calculated, a jury decided after six hours of deliberations. Eric Holder was found guilty on Wednesday (July 6) for the first-degree murder of Grammy-nominated rapper Nipsey Hussle. Born Ermias Asghedom, Hussle was fatally shot outside of his Los Angeles clothing store in March 2019. He was just 33.

Murder And Attempted Voluntary Manslaughter…

On Wednesday (July 6), Eric Holder Jr. was found guilty of first-degree murder in the 2019 shooting of the rising hip-hop star. Holder, 32, did not react anything to the verdict as the jury found him guilty of two counts after six hours of deliberation. On the other hand, Nipsey Hussle’s family did not attend the trial and has not publicly commented on the verdict.

When the trial began last month, prosecutors said Holder’s attack was calculated and premeditated. Deputy District Attorney John McKinney stated that there was “no doubt” Holder knew he’d kill Hussle, adding that Holder shot Hussle at least 10 times and kicked him in the head before running away.

McKinney stated that there had been a dispute between the pair. Hussle had heard Holder was a snitch and wanted to “clear that up”. The deputy district attorney said the pair, along with two of Hussle’s friends, had a “cool conversation” with Holder before the attack, noting Hussle didn’t have any security with him when he visited his store.

Meanwhile, Holder’s attorney Aaron Jansen told the jury that Hussle’s murder wasn’t planned, and said Holder didn’t mean to shoot the two bystanders. He pinned the attack on “heated passion”. On the contrary, the jury ultimately rejected the framing of the slaying as a sudden crime of passion, instead convicting Holder of murder, as well as attempted voluntary manslaughter and assault for the shooting of two other men who survived.

Recalling the 2019 Incident…

Nipsey Hussle and Eric Holder were both members of the Rollin 60s gang and had a brief conversation several minutes before the shooting. Well, throughout the trial, it was crystal clear that Holder shot Hussle as he was identified by several witnessed and captured by multiple security cameras.

On March 31, 2019, Eric Holder shot Hussle 11 times while the rapper was signing autographs outside a clothing store he owned in the Crenshaw neighbourhood of Los Angeles, where he grew up. Hussle, whose real name was Ermias Asghedom, was pronounced dead at a local hospital; he was 33. Holder was arrested in Bellflower, Calif., two days later.

Holder and Hussle, both members of the Rollin 60s gang, had a brief conversation several minutes before the shooting. Throughout the trial, there was little question that Holder shot Hussle, as he was identified by several witnesses as the man who approached the rapper that day and also captured by multiple security cameras.

FYI, last week Hussle was attacked in the prison by “multiple individuals” as he was allegedly cut by a razor and taken to the hospital where he received an MRI and staples in the back of his head. Holder will be sentenced on Sept. 15 and could face a prison term that would amount to life in jail.

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