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John Lennon’s Drummer Alan White Dies at 72 after Brief Illness

The loss of a celebrity can be devastating to their fans. The death of your favorite artist would be the biggest nightmare of your life. It is not just about the loss of a famous person but also about how we feel about our own lives.

Celebrities can act as role models for us and help us through difficult times in life by providing a sense of hope and inspiration for us all.

Speaking of providing a path and inspiring with their words, Alan White, the famous drummer from the band “Yes” has inspired a ton of musicians and artists who walked on his footsteps to achieve a similar music career. 

The musician best known as the drummer of the progressive rock band “Yes” has died at the age of 72. Let’s take a look.

Alan White Died at the age of 72 as confirmed by his Wife

‘Yes’ drummer Alan White who had a history of playing with many groups, including the Buggles, The Strawbs, Trevor Rabin’s band and most popular as an official member of Yes has died according to his Facebook page. 

Alan White’s wife has updated the fans with the demise announcement of the legendary musician. She posted an obituary honor post stating her thoughts and respect for the veteran musician.

She stated that Alan White who was a father, husband and a grandfather has left his family at the age of 72. According to the statement, White passed away in his home in Seattle on 26th May. 


The statement included that the drummer was suffering from a brief illness. The statement honored Alan and his career of 6 decades, acknowledging that the drummer was many things to many people including a rockstar who we knew, a loyal band member to his band mates and a gentleman to everyone who met him. 

The obituary announcement shared on his Facebook page included that Alan White began piano lessons at the age of 6. The statement mentioned that the veteran musician is survived by his wife of forty years, Rogena Gigi, his children and their children. 

A little about Alan White

Alan White famously known as the drummer for Yes, has had a tremendous career for over 60 years. He was born in London, England and started playing drums when he was 10 years old.


He played in his school band, which also included future YES guitarist Steve Howe. After graduating from high school, he joined a band called The Warriors.

He started his music journey in 1960s, crafting a number of bands including The Downbeats, The Gamblers, Bell and Arc, Terry Reid,  Billy Fury, Alan Price Big Band, Happy Magazine (later called Griffin), and Balls with Trevor Burton

In 1972, Alan joined the band “Yes” and stayed there for over 40 years creating terrific music.

Fans and Fellow Artists paying their tribute 


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