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Jay Johnston, the Voice of Jimmy Pesto Sr. in Bob’s Burgers is Banned

Jay Johnston, the voice actor of Jimmy Pesto Sr. is Banned!

Since the renowned actor and comedian now stands banned, you can no longer expect his voice as Jimmy Pesto Sr. Character.

Jimmy Pesto, one of the very popular and fan-favorite characters of Bob Burgers’ show will not have Jay’s voice in the background.

We will come on this later, however, let’s figure out Johnston’s reason for the ban.

“Bob’s Burgers has apparently banned Jay Johnston, the voice actor for Jimmy Pesto Sr., from the show after allegedly participating in the Capitol riot back in January.”, the Twitter post read.

Jay Johnston is Banned!

Jan. 6 Capitol Riot that brought a lot of consequences along with it was a deadly event. Plenty of riot-goers who participated in the riot were immediately charged by the federal and were thrown in jail.

The #FBI is still seeking information on people who took part in the violence at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. If you know this individual, visit tips.fbi.gov. Refer to photo 247 in your tip.”, the Twitter post from FBI below.

Moreover, many MAGA personalities were also charged guilty. Several subpoenas and lawsuits came right at them.

In this Jan 6. Capitol, a famous participant name that came up and has eventually paid the price is Jay Johnston. 

Jay Johnston who we know for Mr. ShowArrested Development, and Anchorman, is not under arrest for the Jan. 6 Riots. However, he was spotted in an FBI Wanted Photo. In addition, he was also spotted in a video from the Capitol.

In the video that he was spotted in, “alongside rioters taking pictures as Trump supporters push their way toward the building,”, according to the Daily Beast.

There were only two people who were familiar with the matter. The 11-Season long-running animation sitcom Bob’s Burger is no longer ready to have Johnston reprise his role as the voice of Jimmy Pesto Sr. of one of the most popular Fox shows.

Furthermore, sources are calling it a ”ban”.

The other one, quite aware of the matter, gave a similar opinion to the situation. He said that the cast and crew of Bob’s Burgers along with Fox don’t wish to make a very big deal out of everything that has happened with Johnston.

Opinions on Jay Johnston

“I’m no detective, but I do know Jay. He said he was there. And that’s him in the picture. So…” Cassandra Church, starred alongside Jay in Harmontown. 

She said in her Tweet back in March.

Tim Heidecker, an actor and comedy writer of Bob’s Burgers.

He said that he “fully confirmed through reliable sources” that the man in the FBI poster was Johnston and further said, “it’s Jay.”

He deleted the tweet later.

“i deleted the tweet because its was a reply to someone who asked and shouldn’t be used as some kind of official source of information or verification.”, the tweet read.

Johnston, 53, the voice of Jimmy Pesto for over 43 episodes of Bob’s Burgers. More than 11 Seasons in total, the show performed brilliantly.

Furthermore, he was last seen in ”The Bridge Over Troubled Rudy,”, the Season 11 episode aired back on May 2nd, 2021.

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