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Jamie Foxx Released From Hospital, Daughter Shuts Down Disputing Rumors

Jamie Foxx is out of the hospital after dealing with an unknown “medical condition”. The actor’s family was reportedly dealing with the worst-case scenario, but his daughter, Corinne Foxx has finally released a statement, sharing a health update on her father.

Jamie Foxx’s Daughter Shuts Down Media Gossip

Jamie Foxx is out of the hospital. On Thursday, it was reported that 55-year-old Jamie Foxx’s condition had worsened and his family was preparing for the worst-case scenario. Now, his daughter, Corinne Fox has come forward, providing a health update on her father.

She posted a story on her Instagram account disputing rumors surrounding her father’s condition. Corinne confirmed that her father “has been out of the hospital for weeks” and has an “exciting work announcement” coming next week. She explained:

“Update from the family: Sad to see how the media runs wild. My Dad has been out of the hospital for weeks, recuperating. In fact, he was playing pickleball yesterday! Thanks for everyone’s prayers and support. We have an exciting work announcement coming next week too!”

What Happened To Jamie Foxx?

Oscar-winning actor, Jamie Foxx was suddenly rushed to the hospital while filming the Netflix comedy, Back in Action, with co-star, Cameron Diaz. His condition appeared serious after a lot of his family members appeared to see him. During the hospitalization, an insider claimed:

“Jamie suffered a serious medical episode and needed immediate attention. It was touch and go for days with him, and he had to be revived – he is very lucky to be alive! He’s very lucky he got the treatment he did.”

“Jamie suffers from high blood pressure, which doctors say can cause clots in the brain leading to a stroke. Doctors believe this was a long time coming, and really, if they hadn’t acted fast, Jamie might well have been a goner.”

“Jamie has absolutely been troubled throughout the shoot. He wasn’t fun to be around – especially for Cameron. But now there seems to have been a good reason for it.”

During the filming of Back in Action, the Django Unchained star reportedly axed his personal chauffeur, also firing an exec producer and two directors. It came out that the actor dealt with some serious anger issues as a result of the stress.

While critics slammed him for all that went down on the London set, the stress was a direct influence on his near-death experience. But now, Jamie Foxx is back in action and would be soon seen around.

In her previous Instagram post, Corrine explained, “Luckily due to quick action and great care he is already on his way to recovery. “We know how beloved he is and appreciate your prayers. The family asks for privacy during this time.” We wish the star a speedy recovery.

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