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Jack Wagner’s Beloved Son Harrison Wagner Found Dead in a Parking Lot

Another great person passed away at a pretty young age. You might recognize him.

Do you know who Jack and Kristina Wegner are? The couple had an interesting married life and relationship. And their on-screen romance turned into a real-world relationship, however, the couple, unfortunately, parted in 2006.

Though the couple had two sons together, no one knew how long the ex-couple would be able to see their youngest child. Why are we making this statement? Unfortunately, their youngest son Harrison Wagner passed away, and the worst thing is that he was just 27 years old.

He was a 27-year-old kid who was a simple guy who was dedicated to bettering himself. But regrettably, June 6 was the young man’s last day. We know it’s shocking news. And we can’t imagine what his family is feeling at the moment.

Harrison Wagner Died At The Age Of 27

Cops discovered him dead in a parking lot in Los Angeles on June 6, 2022. According to the LA County Medical Examiners’ records, the death occurred at about 5.14 a.m.

We know that sounds strange, but the doctors are still analyzing the body and investigating his cause of death, or they may decide to divulge it later. But at the moment it’s in the process. And nothing about the cause has been disclosed.

Little About Harrison Wagner

Since he was a child, Harrison Wagner has been a prisoner of illegal narcotics. When Harrison went missing for a week in 2016, his father, Jack Wagner, confessed to Harrison’s addiction to alcohol and drugs. Albeit he was fortunately located later that year.

At the time, his father Jack tweeted, writing: “I fear for my youngest son’s safety. Harrison has struggled w drugs & alcohol just as I did when I was younger. He’s relapsed & is MIA 5days [sic].”

Harrison was multi-talented in the same way that his parents were, and he was following in their footsteps. According to him, he was an actress, a DJ, and a music producer, as well as a “crazy” L.A.-bound boy.

Friends & Followers Share Their Thoughts On Harrison Wagner’s Tragic Death

Twitter users seem to be very sad to hear about the death of the couple’s sons, and they share their condolences.

One user wrote a heartfelt lengthy paragraph about the actor’s passing, concluding with the words “fly high, sweet soul.”

Below the photo of the family together, another user tweeted that she remembers them from the television show “General Hospital.”

Another person expressed his heartbreak over the news, saying that his thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

A random user commented underneath the above person’s tweet, asking “what happened?” This user responded that the specifics aren’t yet known and that he was discovered dead in a parking lot.

The parents didn’t make any comment on this incident. But that’s understandable, it’s their son. Did you know who Harrison Wagner was before we informed you? We wish that Harrison’s soul rest in peace. You’re welcome to send tributes in the comments area below.

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