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Igor Bogdanoff, French TV Star Dies From COVID-19 At 72

Igor Bogdanoff, a French TV star has died on Monday afternoon (3rd Jan) because of COVID-19 in less than a week after his twin brother Grichka died for the same reason. He was 72.

His family released a statement saying, “In peace and love, surrounded by his children and his family, Igor Bogdanoff left for the light on Monday, January 3, 2022.”

There were few reports published in local media outlets that said he was admitted to hospital in Paris on Dec 18th while some other reports mentioned that both brothers were hospitalized for treatment earlier last month.

French TV star Igor Bogdanoff dies from COVID-19

Edouard de Lamaze, Grichka’s lawyer said that Igor’s death was because of Covid. In spite of being the face of popular science, there were reports which claimed that the twin brothers were not vaccinated and their family is yet to confirm this.

During the 1980s, the Bogdanoff brothers shot to fame as hosts of a series of science and science fiction TV shows. The twins presented Temps X (Time X), the show which introduced series like The Twilight Zone, Star Trek, and Doctor Who to the people of French.

Their academic work in the field of physics was called into question some years back. Fellow physicists accused the twins of publishing “spoofs” with unnecessary jargon. The brothers have said several times that their look is natural and their striking facial features have nothing to do with plastic surgery.

A professor of philosophy and former minister of education and friend of both brothers, Luc Ferry said, “Grichka, like Igor, was not an anti-vax. He was antivax for himself. Being very athletic, without a gram of fat, they believed that the vaccine was more dangerous. They never got sick.”

He added, “I told [Grichka] it was grotesque. How crazy they were. Being very athletic, without a gram of fat, they believed that the vaccine was more dangerous as the virus. What stupidity, but what stupidity! Grichka was an out of the world, singular character, anything but a villain.”

The brothers completed their studies in applied mathematics from the Institute of Political Science and the École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris. Igor completed his Ph.D. from the University of Burgundy in theoretical physics. The twins spoke four languages namely German, French, Russian, and English.

The twins who were of European aristocratic descent became popular for their prominent chins, lips, and cheekbones.

They were away from the public glare for a long time. Last year Igor returned on The Masked Singer in France along with his brother Grichka who got eliminated in the second week of the series.

Igor is survived by his ex-wife, Amélie de Bourbon-Parme, and their six children.

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