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How did Ray Lewis’ Son Ray Lewis III Die? Cause of Death Revealed

Ray Lewis III, the son of the legendary football player Ray Lewis recently passed away at the tender age of 28. He died earlier this week. And, now the cause of his death has been revealed.

In an Instagram post shared on June 15, Ray’s younger brother Rahsaan shared that he was really hurting. Then, he didn’t disclose the cause behind his bro’s death. Read on to know the cause behind the demise of Ray Lewis’ son Ray Lewis III.

Ray Lewis’ son Ray Lewis III’s cause of death revealed

More information has been disclosed about NFL great Ray Lewis’ son Ray Lewis III’s untimely passing. According to a police report obtained by the media outlet TMZ, he died due to an accidental overdose.

It has been reported by TMZ that the Florida police authorities received a call on June 14 at 5:29 p.m. about a medical emergency. When the cops responded to the call, they discovered Ray naked and unresponsive.

Before the cops arrived at the scene, Ray Lewis III was getting CPR from one friend. On the other hand, another friend was screaming for Narcan, a drug that is used during overdoses.

The cops have told the media outlet that the former college football player Ray Lewis III was found naked in his room. He was lying between a bed and a wall. The police authorities mentioned that they administered Narcan in his right nostril.

The authorities searched the entire room of Ray and found a blue pill near Lewis’ body. Shortly afterward, they figured out that the blue pill was none other than Alprazolam (the drug in brands like Xanax). The cops also found a used needle and a small plastic bag inside an empty beer can at the scene.

Ray Lewis III’s loved ones were shocked by his sudden demise

Ray Lewis III’s death came like a big shock to his loved ones including his brother Rahsaan and sister Diaymon Lewis. They expressed their grief over their brother’s passing on social media.

Rahsaan started his Instagram post by writing, “Really can’t believe I’m even typing this but RIP big brother A true angel I pray your at peace now because IK how much you was rlly hurtin. I don’t and won’t ever have the words man cuz this pain right here.”

He further added, “I love you I love you I love you. Your niece gone miss you but she will hear about u over and over just watch over us all big bruh be our guardian I promise I’ll make you smile and proud.”

Ray’s sister Diaymon also remembered her late brother in a social media tribute. She took to her Instagram Story and wrote, “Brownie, I love [you] with all of my heart. You will always be my first love and truly are the definition of a quintessential brother.”

She went on to say, “To the most genuine and talented person I know, go get your rest baby and I’m glad you’re at peace. Fly high baby.”

Our love and prayers are with the near and dear ones of Ray Lewis III during this tragic time. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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