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Here’s Why Johnny Depp Will Not be Testifying Again in the Trial

The fierce defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard witnessed another twist in events as Johnny Depp will not be testifying again before the Fairfax County Courthouse. A source close to Amber’s legal team has revealed the reason. Read on to learn more.

They Say, Depp’s Existing Testimony is Irrelevant…

A few days back Amber Heard’s legal team was keen to call “The Pirates of the Caribbean” star to the stand. Johnny had previously given a three-hour-long testimony denying allegations of physical abuse and informed the jury that he sued his ex-wife to clear his name from accusations of domestic violence.

On May 12, several news outlets confirmed that Depp, 58, would once again go under oath and be questioned by Heard’s legal team. As of Saturday, it was still planned that Depp would be called to testify on Monday. However, a source close to Amber’s legal team has revealed that Depp won’t be taking on the stand again.

Now, the always-fluid situation has changed dramatically once again. Johnny Depp will not be called to testify for the defense. A source close to Amber’s legal team stated, “Calling Depp back to the stand would be as relevant to us as a bicycle to a fish,” a source close to Heard’s side says in a nod to that Irina Dunn saying popularised in the 1970s by Gloria Steinem.

The source added, “Everything Depp has testified up to this point has been irrelevant to the heart of this case, and there’s no reason to believe it would be any different now.” Well, if that’s the case, then what do we call Amber’s testimony, as she has only reiterated every allegation that Depp has levied against her.

Another reason for not calling Depp maybe that Heard’sElaine Bredehoft-led team wants to cut their potential losses with little allotted time left in their presentation. Regardless of the motivation, Amber’s legal team’s recent move takes a “Made in Hollywood” climax out of the defense’s case.

Depp May be Called for a Rebuttal Testimony

The defamation trial is in its last week of trial as final arguments get wrapped up on May 27th. In such a situation, there is still a possibility that Depp may take the stand again as. a rebuttal witness for his own case on May 25th. Now, it all depends on how much time Depp’s side has to go into the last hours of this trial.

However, if Depp does go on the stand for his side, the defense will have the opportunity to cross-examine him again. With less than 5 hours for their case, Amber could actually attain a spear of destiny, if handled sharply enough.

A Risky Move for Amber’s Fate

Many legal experts have revealed that the move to call Depp back to the witness box would stand as a risk for Heard’s case, given how “likable” the jury appeared to find him during his first round of testimony.

Mitra Ahouraian, the founder and principal attorney at Ahouraian Law, a Los Angeles-based corporate and entertainment law firm, said Depp “has the advantage of having heard all the testimony in the case, which is not typical for a witness and is only allowed because he is a party to the lawsuit.”

She added, He is intelligent enough to use that knowledge to his advantage, the actor is also “an extremely charming and magnetic presence in any arena, including this trial. If he comes off as being in command and persuasive, the jury will compare that to Amber’s somewhat uneven time on the witness stand, and that will solidify a positive impression of him.” 

Neama Rahmani, a former federal prosecutor and legal analyst, maintained the initial strategy was rooted in control. She said, “By calling Depp, they get to control the narrative a little bit more. We saw how charismatic Johnny was when he testified the first time around, so the last thing you want to do is give him a second opportunity to charm the jurors.” As for the risks: “You’re putting a hostile witness in your case-in-chief, so if you don’t do a good job, that may undermine your whole case.”

Is Johnny Depp a Victim?

In his defamation suit, Depp is suing Heard for $50 million over a 2018 Washington Post op-ed she wrote chronicling her experiences as a domestic violence survivor. Though Heard never mentions Depp by name, his lawyers argue that references to their client (and Heard’s previous abuse allegations following their 2017 divorce) clearly point at him.

Depp’s legal team is claiming the essay damaged Depp’s career and reputation. Heard filed a $100 million countersuit, claiming Depp and his legal team defamed her by calling her allegations false. Well, that is the case because presently, Depp is left with no projects while Amber continues to sign new contracts.

Johnny Depp was fired from Disney’s saga “Pirates of the Caribbeans, which will have a sixth movie. The actor was also forced by Warner Bros to resign from his role in the “Fantastic Beasts” franchise after losing a libel case in 2020 against “The Sun” which called Depp a “wife-beater” in the 2018 headline.

Depp was replaced by Mads Mikkelsen in the third “Fantastic Beasts”. However, he was paid his full $16 million salary for shooting only one scene. So, we can say that it was the last film wherein Depp appeared. A series of aforementioned events is proof of how Johnny has been boycotted from Hollywood because of Amber’s false allegations. The question is, who is a real victim? Well, it should be left for the court to decide.

What’s New?

Today, Warner Bros’ Walter Hamada will take the stand virtually as a rebuttal witness for Johnny Depp. The testimony comes from a march 15 video deposition and will be shown in the Virginia courtroom. Along with this, Depp’s ex-girlfriend Kate Moss is also expected to testify on May 25 via video link from the UK. What do you think about this move by Amber’s legal team? Shoot your thoughts.

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