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Hana Horka Dies Due to her Deliberate Attempt to Inject Covid

Asonance Band Member, Hana Horka is Dead.

Hana Horka, 57-year-old has passed away due to Covid. She was unvaccinated and a few days back, on her social media she confirmed the news of her being ”Covid Positive”!

However, it was just two days later that she passed away.

Jan Rek, Hana’s son confirmed the news. He also confirmed that Hana got herself into the whole covid situation. I mean, why would she do that?

According to Jan, her father and he both were infected with the virus already. Hana’s attempt to do so was primarily because she wanted to get a recovery pass to be a part of certain venues.

On Wednesday, The Czech Republic shared their Covid-19 cases numbers and these numbers are breaking records.

Hana Horka Dies After Deliberate Attempt to Get Covid

Hana’s story from the Czech Republic is making the headlines all over Europe.

Jan Rek and his father are fully vaccinated. However, they got Covid struck during Christmas. He admitted that Hana, her mom, didn’t want to stay away from them and kept herself exposed to the virus.

“She should have isolated for a week because we tested positive. But she was with us the whole time,” Jan said.

“She decided to continue to live normally with us and preferred to catch the disease than to get vaccinated,” he added.

Horka, on her social media, explained how she is doing okay. She said, “I survived… It was intense.”

“So now there will be the theatre, sauna, a concert… and an urgent trip to the sea,” she added.

Currently, the Czech Republic desires citizens to have either proof of vaccination or recent infection from Covid which will help them get entry to social and cultural venues. This includes entries to cafes, bars, etc.

To sum it up, if you have recovered from Covid in the past few months, then it gets easy for you to get access.

Horka wanted to gain access to green health passes without the need of going through vaccination.

You can’t get through if you have Negative results; they won’t work.

Who is to Blame?

Soon after her post which gained massive attention; courtesy of her followers, were in support of what she was doing.

She died due to Covid on Sunday due to complications that popped up due to covid.

“In about 10 minutes it was all over. She chocked to death,” her son said.

Furthermore, Jan was also willing to take this example forward to bring attention to the ”unvaccinated” audience and how it could be a problem. He wishes to explain the importance of vaccines and discard “anti-vaxx” rulers.

Accusing the anti-vaxx leaders, he said, they have “blood on their hands.”

“It is sad that my mum trusted strangers more than her own family,”, his sad comment said.

Jan also spoke about how persuasive he was about explaining to her mother the significance of vaccines.

Hana Horka, born in the southwest of Prague in 1964 served as the vocalist for Asonacnce, a band from 1985 in the Czech Republic.

Twitter Reactions.

People are speaking about the sad demise of the vocalist on Twitter.

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