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Google Honors Dutch Golden Age Painter Judith Leyster with a Doodle

Google is celebrating the life of the legendary painter Judith Leyster! Google has honored the brilliant artist with a doodle. Back in the year 2009, the National Gallery of Art and the Frans Hals Museum honored her legacy on this day which is December 19 via an exhibition.

In 2009, exhibitions were held on this particular date to honor the legacy of the Dutch painter Judith Leyster. And today, Google is honoring her with a doodle. Continue reading further to know more about Judith Leyster.

Google honors Dutch painter Judith Leyster

For those of you who are unaware, let us share with you, Judith Leyster was a Dutch Golden Age painter in the 17th century. She was a central figure of the Dutch Golden Age who took to painting like a duck to water.

For many decades, misogyny and a forged signature led art dealers to incorrectly attribute her paintings to male artists. And now, Google is honoring her work and legacy with a doodle.

Who was Judith Leyster?

Judith Leyster was born in Haarlem, County of Holland, Dutch Republic, to a local brewer. She was the eighth kid of Jan Willemsz Leyster. She was baptized on July 28, 1609. She was a Dutch Golden Age painter. Her works include portraits, genre paintings, and still lifes.

However, not much is known about Judith’s education, she was mentioned by contemporary Haarlem poet Samuel Ampzing in his book Beschrijvinge ende lof der stadt Haerlem (1628). He called the 19-year-old Leyster a painter of “good and keen insight.”

Some scholars have stated that Leyster pursued a career in painting to help support her family after her father’s bankruptcy. At that point in time, professional female painters were scarce in Europe but Leyster didn’t let that hamper her spirit.

Judith completed her first known painting in 1629. At that time, she painted Serenade and Jolly Topper in the year 1629, using her spontaneous and free brushstrokes to capture everyday life.

A couple of years after completing her first painting, Leyster became one of the first women accepted into Haarlem’s prestigious painters’ guild. Later on, down the lane, she even opened her own studio and began accepting students during this time.

Art scholars mistook Judith’s paintings for her male contemporaries

Judith may have earned the respect of her colleagues, and got some financial success as an artist but she was wiped out from history when art scholars mistook her paintings for those of her male contemporaries.

In 1892, an observer noticed a star emblem on one of Leyster’s paintings at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. This led the world of art to contemplate decades-long misattributions, reclaiming Leyster’s place in history.

Nearly 30 years later, Judith’s masterpieces have been identified ever since then. In March 2021, her work was added to the “Gallery of Honor” at the Rijksmuseum. Leyster, Gesina ter Borch, and Rachel Ruysch became the first women to be included in the gallery.

Which is your favorite painting by Dutch painter Judith Leyster? Kindly let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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