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George Kittle’s Wife Suffers Miscarriage, Shares Heartbreaking Post on Instagram

George Kittle has suffered a heartbreaking loss in his personal life. The San Francisco 49ers tight end’s wife, Claire, has revealed that the couple lost their first child to a miscarriage in January this year.

Claire shared the story with an emotional post on Instagram on Valentine’s Day. The couple found out about the pregnancy on Christmas, around three weeks before George went for the playoffs.

George Kittle’s Wife Reveals Suffering a Miscarriage

Claire took to Instagram to share a series of photos on Instagram, which included the couple celebrating their pregnancy and their family’s joyous reaction to the news. “On Christmas morning George and I took a pregnancy test while the rest of our family waited to open presents downstairs. We were about to see the greatest gift, a positive test,” she wrote.

Claire then explained how she went for an ultrasound on January 10 and found out that her pregnancy was ectopic. “The nurse giving my ultra sound went silent for a while and I asked “I’m still early there’s probably nothing to see yet right?” She responded with “I see a pregnancy here it’s just not in the correct place, it’s ectopic.”

“I felt my soul leave my body as I knew exactly what that meant. After hours of evaluating options and speaking with doctors in the ER the decision was made to go into surgery that night. This type of pregnancy is extremely dangerous for the mother if not found early,” she added.

Claire Says George was Her Strength During the Difficult Phase

Claire thanked the doctors and the nurses, and the San Francisco 49ers for their support towards her and her husband. She further wrote, “George was my strength when I had none. We leaned on each other like we never have before. Im thankful my mom, dad and Georges parents were all here to help us.”

“I do know God gives us exactly what we need when we need it. ❤️. So on this Valentines Day I hope you feel love of all kinds. That’s what got us through the worst couple of weeks. If you haven’t heard it lately, you’re capable, you’re loved & you’re never alone. ❤️ Some loving moments from the past two months of our life ❤️,” Claire concluded.

The surgery took place just five days before the 49ers played and won against the Seahawks in the wild-card round. George continued to perform for his team while dealing with the terrible loss and caught 10 passes in the playoff games.

George and Claire Tied the Knot in 2019

Claire, who played basketball at the college level, met George at the University of Iowa. The two dated through four years of college, and the footballer eventually proposed to his lady love in 2018. The two got married in the presence of their friends and family in April 2019 and renewed their vows in a lavish ceremony in April 2021.

Apart from playing basketball, Claire also received a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Physiology from the University of Iowa. She is now a certified personal trainer and handles her own business named Claire Till Fitness.

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