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George Cacioppo Fired By SONY After Pedophile Sting Video

A Sony senior vice president has been fired for being featured in an amateur pedophilia sting video. George Cacioppo, who has worked with Sony’s PlayStation Network for eight years was fired due to being caught in the amateur sting operation.

The video caught him attempting to meet a 15-Year old boy at 4:30 during the night. The video was uploaded to YouTube last week and has gotten millions of views since then.

Sony Senior VP Caught in the Act

People vs. Preds, a channel on YouTube was the one behind the streaming of this video. It is a vigilante group conducting amateur sting operations in order to expose alleged predators.

George Cacioppo has been accused of inviting a 15-Year old boy over for sex on Grindr app and text messages according to the channel.

What is the Video About?

In the video, a cameraman can be seen walking down a street at night towards a house. The video films a person who is apparently George Cacioppo, wearing a PS5 shirt who is seen standing outside the house.

The cameraman refers to Cacioppo as “Jeff” while walking up to him. As soon as the cameraman starts asking more questions from George, he turns his back to the camera and walks inside his house while avoiding all the questions of the cameraman.

The Premise of the Confrontation

According to the channel that uploaded the video on the internet, George was apparently having conversations with an alleged 15-Year old boy on the text and social networking apps like Grindr. Both of them have been reported to be exchanging sexually explicit texts and pictures.

The screenshots of their conversation have been shared along with the video in the form of a Google Drive link where George used the fake name “Jeff” for his conversations.

According to screenshots, both of them had arranged a meeting at George’s place and Jeff was apparently caught in the video waiting for the boy. He also shared pictures right before the meeting in order to make it easier for the other person to identify him.

George is seen wearing the same PlaysStation5 t-shirt which he sent as a selfie to the person he was going to meet. After refusing to answer his questions, the cameraman threatened George that he will call the police at his house.

After People vs. Preds uploaded the video on internet, the channel claimed that the whole case along with evidence has been reported to the District Attorney’s Office of San Diego County.

Reaction of Sony

After this commotion, Sony issued an official statement via a mailed statement which said: “We are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been terminated from employment.”

According to his LinkedIn profile, George has been working with Sony for eight years and after being caught in the sting operation, he has lost his job.



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