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Fly Dubai Flight Catches Fire Mid-Air After Bird Strike, Watch Video

A Fly Dubai flight bound from Nepal to Dubai caught fire shortly after take-off from Kathmandu. As per reports, a bird strike during take-off caused a fire in one of the engines. The flight remained in the air, while the pilots tried for an emergency landing.

However, the situation was controlled eventually, and a major accident was averted. The flight is now said to be back on track and is proceeding safely to its destination Dubai. Read on to know the full details of the incident.

Fly Dubai Flight Catches Fire Shortly After Takeoff from Nepal

The flight, number FZ 576, took off from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal at 9.19 pm local time on Monday. The Boeing 737-800 aircraft, carrying 167 passengers, was scheduled to land in The Boeing 737-800 aircraft. However, shortly after departure, one of the engines of the aircraft caught fire.

Several videos of the plane with flames rising out of it are now doing the rounds on social media. Reports first arose that the flight captains were trying for an emergency landing back in Nepal and the plane was seen circling around the country’s airspace for several minutes.

It was later reported that a bird had struck the aircraft soon after the take-off, which caused the fire. The authorities have now revealed that the situation is under control now and the flight is expected to arrive in Dubai at 12:14 am local time. Bird strikes are reported to be a major threat to plane safety which have caused several aviation accidents in the past.

Airline Releases Statement

Following the incident, Fly Dubai released a statement through a spokesperson: “Flydubai flight FZ 576 from Kathmandu Airport (KTM) to Dubai International (DXB) experienced a bird strike during takeoff from Kathmandu. After following standard procedure, the flight will continue as normal to Dubai and is scheduled to land in DXB at 12.14 am local time.”

Nepal’s Civil Aviation Authority had also shared the update, stating, “Fly Dubai flight number 576, (Boeing 737-800) Kathmandu to Dubai flight is normal now and proceeding to her destination Dubai as per the flight plan. Kathmandu airport operation normal from 1614 UTC (09:59 pm local time)”

“The aircraft switched off its engine for some time after encountering the problem and now it is heading towards the destination without landing in Kathmandu airport,” the Deputy Director of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal revealed in an interview.

Video of the Incident Surfaces Online

A number of social media users from Nepal have shared the video of the incident on Twitter, which shows a plane up in flames. “a Fly Dubai plane just went up in flames after taking off from the Katmandu International Airport in Nepal. They’re trying to make an emergency landing, damn bro,” tweeted a user sharing the clip.

Another wrote, “#FlyDubai plane flight no. FZ576 caught fire in engine and circled around the sky of Kathmandu just minutes after takeoff. They’re trying to safe-land and as per aviation authority flight has been redirected towards Dhading. Hoping and praying for all passenger and crew’s safety.”

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