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Fetty Wap Arrested For Violating Release Conditions, Waves A Gun On Facetime

“Trap Queen” rapper Fetty Wap, whose real name is Willie Junior Maxwell II, was arrested on Monday (Aug 8) after he allegedly threatened to kill someone and showed a gun during a FaceTime call last year, according to a court filing. Authorities state that he has allegedly violated the conditions of pretrial release in his ongoing federal drug case. 

Imma Kill You and Everybody You With…

American rapper Fetty Wap has confirmed that he is never going to change. Despite being out on a $500,000 personal recognizance bond, Fetty Wap couldn’t hold his horses and showcased a violent act by threatening a man named, John Doe, repeatedly threatening his life.

In an affidavit filed on Monday (Aug 8), it came out that Fetty made a FaceTime call in December 2021, waved a gun e waved a gun and threatened to kill a man who called Fetty “a rat” AKA a snitch.

“Imma kill you and everybody you with,” the Paterson, NJ, native said, according to the court documents. He then repeated: “I’m gonna kill you.” “This was a direct violation of both state law and the condition of his release,” an FBI agent wrote in the affidavit.

The hip-hop star had been out on a $500,000 personal recognizance bond on charges he allegedly worked with a crew of five other people to traffic more than 100 kilograms of drugs on Long Island. However, a federal court just has revoked his bail in light of the affidavit.

About The Bail Revocation Hearing…

At a bail revocation hearing in Central Islip federal court, Magistrate Judge Steven Locke revoked the rapper’s bond pending trial in the drug trafficking case. Fetty Wap’s attorney, Elizabeth Macedonio, said “her client was entrapped on the phone call by someone who had, days earlier, posted a photo of his dead 4-year-old daughter.”

“I”m happy she’s dead because her father is a rat,” the person who the rapper allegedly threatened had written in the caption. He was very manipulative in trying to get a rise out of Mr Maxwell, to agitate him in a way no parent would have to face…the death of one’s 4-year-old daughter is something no one should use as a ploy,” Macedonio told Judge Locke.

The judge said he was sympathetic to anyone who lost a child, but ordered the rapper detained because he was “clearly deploying a gun to threaten to kill someone.” Fetty Wap’s daughter with singer Turquoise Miami, Lauren, died in July 2021 of complications caused by congenital heart arrhythmia.

Fetty Wap rose to prominence with “Trap Queen” which reached number two on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in May 2015. This secured him a deal with 300 Entertainment. Fetty Wap has referred to his music as “ignorant R&B”.

Fetty’s Previous Lawsuits…

Over the years, Fetty Wap has been on the receiving end of multiple lawsuits for instances including copyright infringement, defamation, property damage and assault. In 2017, he was arrested for drunk driving, reckless endangerment, illegally changing lanes, drag racing and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. 

In 2021, federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment against Fetty Wap and charged him with conspiracy to distribute and possess controlled substances. He was out on conditional bail and has been arrested again to flout those conditions by threatening someone. 

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