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Eva Green Wins $1 Million Lawsuit Against Producers of Failed Film ‘A Patriot’

Eva Green has won a $1 million lawsuit against a production company over a failed movie. The sci-fi film, titled A Patriot, was supposed to star the actor in the lead, however, the production fell apart, and the movie was shelved in October 2019.

Green then filed a lawsuit against the production company claiming that even though the project did not go into completion, she was still owed her $1 million contract fee as per the agreement. On Friday, a London High Court judge ruled in favor of the actor.

Eva Green Wins $1 Million Lawsuit Over Failed Film ‘A Patriot’

Announcing the judgment on April 28th, Justice Michael Green said, “In particular, I find that Ms. Green did not renounce her obligations under the artist agreement; nor did she commit any repudiatory breaches of it,” and ordered the production company White Lantern Film and financier SMC Speciality Finance to pay Eva her dues.

The defendants disagreed and said that they are ‘disappointed by today’s judgment and the court’s findings’ and are considering an appeal. A Patriot was written and was supposed to be directed by Dan Pringle. However, in 2019, the financing collapsed, and the film began to fall apart.

Sherborne Media Finance then provided a ‘bridge loan’ to White Lantern Film, most of which went into Eva’s fee. The film still could not be completed as it failed to receive more funding and the project was eventually shelved.

Green Celebrates Her Victory with a Heartfelt Note on Social Media

After the judgment, the Casino Royale actress thanked the people who stood by her in her legal battle with a note on Instagram. She wrote, “The Judge has found that I was never in breach of my contractual obligations. The judgment is clear. I am grateful to the Court, to the Judge, to my legal team and to my valiant agent who is my strength and my shield.”

“I wish I could say that this ordeal has made me stronger, better, wiser. But to have my personal life dragged through the press and the court was more painful and damaging than I can say. Which is why I want to thank those kind people who, when I was being vilified by the press, supported me, on social media and on other platforms,” she continued.

The Court Dismissed the Countersuit Filed by the Producers

After being sued by Green, White Lantern and SMC Speciality had filed a counterclaim, claiming ‘conspiracy, deceit and unlawful interference’ on the actor’s part. The producers alleged that the 42-year-old undermined the project and made it collapse on purpose to buy out the script and make the film herself.

The countersuit was also dismissed by the London High Court on Friday. Talking about the ordeal she had to go through, Green wrote in her note, “I am proud that I stood up against their bully-boy tactics. They made false allegations about me in public court documents which the Judge has now shown are totally incorrect.”

“I fought tooth and nail to defense the beautiful film that I loved and had signed on for. A film that spoke of a cause I hold dear — climate change and warned of the resource wars and mass migration that would occur if we don’t address the problem,” she added.

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