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Drake’s Los Angeles Mansion Burglarized, Suspect Arrested

Drake’s home in Los Angeles was reportedly burglarized on Thursday. A man is said to have entered the property and stolen some artwork, after which the security was alerted, and the suspect was arrested.

The Canadian rapper was not home at the time of the incident. His property has been a target of a number of intrusion attempts in the past as well. Continue reading to know more about the incident.

Drake’s Los Angeles Home Burglarized

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that they were called to Drake’s mansion in Beverly Hills around 9 pm on January 26. On arrival, the officers were told of a suspected break-in by the security guards, who reported that a man had made ‘an unauthorized entry into the property.’

By that time, the suspect had already fled the scene. The security camera footage was then reviewed by the officers, who identified the suspect. A search was conducted around the neighborhood, and hours later, a man matching the description was arrested by the police.

The suspect was charged with burglary. He had reportedly carried an artwork out of the rapper’s home; however, it is not immediately known which piece of art was taken. Drake has a huge collection of artworks, including those by Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, KAWS, and Takashi Murakami.

The officers said that the identity of the person would not be revealed. The property in question is a 10-bedroom mansion, which is said to be worth $75 million. Drake had purchased the home from singer Robbie Williams in March last year. The estate is spread over an area of 24,000 square feet.

The Rapper’s Home has been Intruded on Several Times

This is not the first incident of burglary reported from the 36 year old rapper’s house. In March 2021, an unidentified woman was booked for trying to break into his 35,000-square-foot house in Toronto. Earlier in 2017, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office stated that Drake’s property in Hidden Hills, California, also faced a burglary attempt.

A 24 year old woman from Columbia was taken into custody at the time and was charged with felony residential burglary. The woman revealed that she consumed ‘a Sprite, a Fiji water and a Pepsi’ while in the house. However, the case was dismissed later. The woman later filed a defamation lawsuit against Drake instead, demanding $4 million in damages.

A Trespasser Previously Claimed to be Drake’s Son

More recently, in July last year, the LAPD was called to Dizzy’s Beverly Hills house after an intruder was seen roaming around the pool house by an employee. The 23 year old suspect was arrested by the police and charged with misdemeanor trespassing. In a bizarre turn of events, he claimed to be the God’s Plan rapper’s son.

The same year, a woman stuck one of the security guards at Drake’s house in Toronto in an effort to break into the mansion. The intruder was also reported to be possessing a knife and was soon taken into custody.

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