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Dr Dre to Pay $100 Million to Ex-wife Nicole Young as Part of his Divorce Settlement

Famous American rapper and record producer Dr. Dre will be compelled to shell out a whopping $100 million to his ex-wife Nicole Young post finalization of the divorce settlement.

The 56-year-old rapper is happy that he has to pay just around 12% of his net worth of $820 million. Nicole had initially sought 50% of his total assets however she could not proceed further as the ex-couple has signed a prenuptial agreement.

As per the agreement, Dre will split the payment amount while paying $50 million immediately and the rest of the amount in one year.

Dr Dre agrees to pay $100M to ex-wife Nicole in the divorce settlement

The terms and conditions of the settlement are favorable to the hip hop legend as he will keep seven real estate properties that include their Malibu home, two properties in Calabasa, and four in Los Angeles that they have shared together.

The right to Dre master recording will remain with him and Young cannot claim at his music money. He will keep possession of all of his trademarks and other commercial partnerships and trusts where he has made an investment earlier.

Out of the ten vehicles owned by him, Young will be getting four vehicles and the rest six vehicles will remain with her ex-husband. All the jewelry and other funds that she managed throughout her 25 years of marriage will remain with her.

Young will have to pay millions of dollars in legal fees after the prolonged divorce battle.

According to one insider who is privy to the settlement said, “She could have even been on the field for the Super Bowl halftime show as a friendly ex-wife. The famous exes had feuded during their drawn-out divorce battle over potential spousal support for Young, but that avenue has been closed off in the final settlement, so Dre’s payments of $100 million should be the final money she receives from him.”

Dre will have to pay an amount of $293,306 every month to Young as per the previous temporary order from the judge who was hearing their case. However, as per the final agreement agreed these monthly payments are now null and void.

The legendary rapper has earlier paid $2 million (one-time amount) to his ex-wife and $500,000 towards legal fees. It is still not clear if this amount will be reduced from the final settlement amount of $100 million or she will get to keep them.

Just a few days back in the month of December, Dre was seen celebrating his divorce in a pic shared by his friend Breyon Prescott in front of a display of large silver balloons arranged as ‘Divorced AF.’

Dre and Young got married in the year 1996 and share two kids, daughter Truly Young and son Truice Young.

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