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Dr DisRespect will be Suing Twitch for Banning Him

It has been more than a year since the most famous and recognizable face on the internet, Herschel Beahm IV or popularly known as Dr. Disrespect received a permanent ban from the online streaming platform, Twitch. During that complete duration of more than a year, Dr. Disrespect – who now streams on YouTube – was not having a clue on why he was permanently banned from Twitch. But that was only until his last YouTube stream that he did on 23rd August.

Dr. Disrespect Planning to Sue Twitch?

While streaming one of his favorite multiplayer games, Call Of Duty Warzone, along with his gaming partner Zack “ZLaner” Lane, Dr. Disrespect was asked by his fans the pros and cons of streaming on YouTube vs Twitch. Replying to this, Doc explained why YouTube is a second-class or better say an “inferior” streaming option when compared to Twitch. He said that he has faced a huge revenue loss since his infamous ban on Twitch, and shocked his audiences by continuing further that he now knows the reason behind receiving a permanent ban on Twitch.

Talking about his experience on YouTube, Dr. Disrespect said that, “YouTube doesn’t have a true community” in terms of streaming games or something else. The major reason behind it can be the YouTube-Amazon Prime connection and regular streamer events organized by the platform. Whereas, on the other hand, Twitch is a more active and energetic platform. Despite applauding the community of Twitch, Doc kept on referring to his former platform as “purple snakes” occasionally during his YouTube Livestream.

Doc continued further by saying that he has seen a huge downfall in his earnings since his ban on Twitch. To be specific, he said, “I probably make a fourth, a quarter of what I was making on Twitch”. He says that less audience on YouTube and various opportunities with big names and sponsors that he has missed over the past few months are the potential reason behind the significant dip in his earning.

Dr. Disrespect says, “All the relationships we build over the past five years such as Activision and EA, all the big partners and sponsorship now have to question, ‘why did you get banned?‘”

During the stream, Doc also talked about an “eight-digit deal” that he failed to crack because of receiving a ban on Twitch. However, it’s still unclear whether Dr. Disrespect was indicating his deal with Twitch in March 2020 or it was with some other sponsor. But the Twitch deal went completely out of the context when Doc further added that the 8 figure deal would have been in the renewal phase by September if he wouldn’t have received the ban.

Dr. Disrespect said that he now knows the reason for which he had received the ban and he had been knowing it for the last few months. Surprisingly, this is the first time he has openly admitted this issue in public, ever since receiving the ban almost a year ago. He continued further by saying, “there is a reason why we are suing the f**k out of them”. 

You can watch the full segment by checking out Doc’s YouTube stream. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go through the complete video, just start watching from 5:48:57 if you only want to watch Doc views on Twitch.

Even after all this, the reason behind Dr disrespect receiving banned from Twitch still remains a mystery to the world. But one thing is sure, Doc now knows the reason, and Twitch is definitely paying a huge cost by banning such a popular face from its platform.

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