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Donald Trump Stored Classified Documents by Toilet in Bathroom and in Bedroom at his Mar-a-Lago Florida Estate

Donald Trump has been accused of keeping boxes of classified documents in his bedroom and ballroom, and even in his bathroom at his Mar-a-Lago Florida estate. The revelation was made when the indictment papers against the former President were unsealed on Friday.

Pictures of the boxes kept next to a toilet have also been revealed. Trump is already facing 37 counts, including charges of violating a federal statute in the Espionage Act prohibiting the willful retention of national defense secrets. He is scheduled to appear in a Miami court on Tuesday.

Donald Trump Stored Classified Documents in Bedroom and Bathroom

Trump has been indicted on 37 federal felony counts over the charges of mishandling classified White House documents after leaving office. The documents had information pertaining to the defense and weapons of the US and some other countries, the US nuclear programs, and sensitive military records.

Trump allegedly kept the boxes filled with documents at his Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida. The new images that have now surfaced reveal that the documents were kept in his bedroom, ballroom, and even beside the toilet in his bathroom. Around 13,000 documents were seized from the mansion last year.

“Mar-a-Lago Club was not an authorized location for the storage possession, review, display, or discussion of classified documents.  Nevertheless, Trump stored his boxes containing classified documents in various locations at the Mar-a-Lago Club — including in a ballroom, a bathroom and shower, and office space, his bedroom, and a storage room,” reads the indictment.

The Document Boxes were Moved Around Mar-a-Lago Several Times

The indictment also revealed a conversation between two workers at Mar-a-Lago that took place on April 5, 2021. “Is it only his papers he cares about? There’s some other stuff in there that are not papers. Could that go to storage? Or does he want everything in there on property?” asked one employee.

The boxes were eventually moved from the business center to the bathroom. At the end of June 2021, they were then shifted to a storage room, which could be accessed from multiple entries, posing a threat to the documents and national security. All this while, Trump was allegedly involved in the process.

Trump is the First Former President to be Indicted

If proven guilty, Trump could face prison, with some charges getting up to 20 years of sentence. Along with him, Walt Nauta, his former presidential aide has also been named and faces six charges. Meanwhile, Trump has taken to social media to confirm that he is being indicted.

He took to Truth Social to lash out at Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is conducting the probe, and wrote, “He is a Trump Hater – a deranged ‘psycho’ that shouldn’t be involved in any case having to do with ‘Justice.’”

“There was no crime except for what the DOJ and FBI have been doing against me for years. Nobody said I wasn’t allowed to look at the personal records that I brought with me from the White House. There’s nothing wrong with that,” Trump added.

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