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Desiigner Gets into a Tense Exchange with Police at a L.A Traffic Stop

Desiigner gets into a heated match with L.A. Cops after a traffic stop went wrong on Wednesday, this resulted in a tense exchange between him and the cops. A passerby was the one who made the exchange smoother, this passerby was Tariq Nasheed.

Details of the Heated Exchange

A source explains that the traffic police authorities pulled over Desiigner owing to his vehicle’s tinted windows and an absence of license plates. As alleged the Panda rapper got out of his car and headed toward the cop who asked him to pull over.

There is still no clarity on what occurred before the situation escalated with Desiigner shouting at the officers with what appeared to be his phone and calling one of the cops “racists bitch.”

As per the TMZ report, the rapper was triggered by one of the police officers pulling out a pepper spray. Desiigner shrugged off the cop’s threat of confiscating his car and said that “I got money all f*****g day.” The rapper later asks one of the onlookers who was recording the incident “You know who I am right?Desiigner. Panda.”

Desiigner asks the Cop to “Keep Your Hands Off Your Gun”

While documenting the incident on his IG Live, Desiigner lost his temper and said that “This is bigger than Freddie Gibbs, all them n#####,” he tells the camera. He then asks for another cop to approach, yelling, “I do not feel comfortable with you. Can you please back up,” before claiming. “You threatened me multiple times,” again requesting the officer back off.

An officer was heard on the camera asking for “a conversation” when Desiigner pleaded with the officers he then said that “Please, please keep your hands off your gun,” he begs repeatedly. “I don’t get s###.”

It could be seen that the cops were only asking him to have a conversation and this situation turned out in this manner only because he “got upset” and started shouting. Desiigner even complained that the cop threatened him multiple times adding “Suck my dick. You violated me, bro.”

Settling Down of the Situation

The escalated situation died down after additional officers approached and talked with Desiigner who eventually took off by signing his ticket. But not before the documentary filmmaker, Tariq Nasheed got involved in the incident. Here is what he perceived the incident to be about-

“I was driving down the street here in #LA,” he noted on Instagram, sharing his own footage of the incident. “I saw the #LAPD surrounding this random brotha at a gas station. The cops had their hands on their gun holsters, so I pulled over and walked over to the brotha to make sure he was ok. From what I gathered, the cops were following the brotha because he happened to be in a nice car. When I left, I realized that it was the rapper @lifeofdesiigner.”

Desiigner has been seen to be working hard on his music career since his departure from G.O.O.D Music in the year 2019. He was recently seen in the visual for his single ‘Bakin.’

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