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Deavan Clegg Reveals that her 3 Year Old Son Taeyang has Cancer

Deavan Clegg, the 90 Day Fiancé star revealed the devastating news of her son being diagnosed with cancer on Tuesday. She posted on Instagram, sharing the pictures of her and her ex-Jihoon Lee’s son, Taeyang in the hospital and sharing that he has been recently diagnosed with cancer.

Deavan’s Caption Says it All

Deavan’s caption says all about how she feels as a mother whose son is going through such a difficult time. She shared how she has always been transparent with her followers and how she chose to be here on her social media when she has been “the most vulnerable and saddest.”

“I’m overcome with so much emotion and devastation to announce that my beloved son Taeyang who just celebrated his third birthday last month was just diagnosed with childhood cancer, b-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia just a few days ago. He has already undergone multiple procedures and started chemotherapy treatment just two days ago.”

Such news can take a toll on anyone’s emotional health and Clegg shares how this is “every parent’s absolute worst nightmare and I’m trying hard to stay strong for Taeyang, Drascilla and my baby in my tummy.”

Being all vulnerable Clegg even asks for support in these difficult times “Also if anyone knows of any childhood cancer support groups and resources please tag them below. I’m so beside myself right now and my heart is broken. Thank you friends and supporters for your prayers, healing vibes and strength.”

Deavan Clegg on 90 Day Fiance

Deavan Clegg has been a “lightning rod for behind the scenes drama” in the 90 Day Fiance, with her first appearing alongside Jihoon Lee in the initial two seasons of 90 Day Finance: The Other Way. Soon after the couple split up and left the franchise and Deavan has seen to be very open about the reasons why they broke up and how they faked their relationship for the television-

“If you want me to be 100% honest. I don’t think there was a romantic connection, to begin with. We both felt this way and had talked about it several times. We did everything for the show because he had debts, and I had medical bills to pay. When I moved there, we never slept in the same bed. We faked it for YouTube and the show.”

It was only recently when Clegg celebrated her victory in the custody battle against her ex but this recent development in her life has been quite devastating.

As we know that such a path can be a difficult one to tread, so what yet to come to Taeyank on this recovery path, the wishes of everyone stay with the parents and even Clegg shared how she remains to be optimistic and even addresses the fact that she might start a fundraiser to help with the costs.

“I’m still processing all of this and asking for prayers, please. 🙏🏼 If anyone would like to donate to assist with his medical care, I would be forever grateful as this nightmare has been completely unexpected. The link to donate is in my bio. ❤️🙏🏼 I will also create some kind of support-fundraiser t-shirt this week too just still trying to wrap my head around all of this. “

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