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David A. Arnold, Standup Comedian & Netflix Star, Passed Away At 54

On Wednesday evening, comedy legend David A. Arnold passed away at 54. Arnold was best known for appearing in two Netflix comedy specials.

In announcing his death in his home, his family confirmed that he had died “of natural causes” after serving as the showrunner and producer of Nickelodeon’s “That Girl Lay Lay”, as well as working on the “Fuller House” reboot.

He had just finished his three shows on the “Pace Ya Self” national comedy tour, which was scheduled to run for four months.

Los Angeles Times Revealed His Sad News

His family revealed the sad news to the Los Angeles Times in a published statement, “We confirm the untimely passing of our husband, father, brother and friend…David passed away peacefully today in his home, and doctors have ruled the cause of death due to natural causes. Please keep our family in prayer and respect our privacy now, as we are all shocked and devastated by this loss.”

As a result of Arnold’s passing, two daughters and his wife are left behind. After celebrating his anniversary in 2020, Arnold took to Facebook to share his achievement of sobriety.

He recently stopped in San Francisco, California, as part of his “Pace Ya Self” tour from September 2-3. There was a possibility that he would have made a stop in New Jersey during the weekend of September 22-24.

It has been unclear whether he had any medical history in the past, and there is no information available regarding whether or not he had suffered from any other health issues. In the meantime, further details about the same are still pending.

In July, He Debuted His Netflix Stand-Up Special It Ain’t For The Weak

Insiders in the industry were surprised to learn of Arnold’s death. His association with Kevin Hart led to the production of Arnold’s second Netflix standup special, “It Ain’t for the Weak,” released in July, also produced by Hart.

Throughout the unique, several routines focusing on Arnold’s family life include details about his marital spats and entitled children. As part of the Netflix Is a Joke comedy festival in late April and early May, Arnold performed a standup set to follow up his Netflix standup debut in 2019 with “Fat Ballerina.”

The Career And Life Of David A. Arnold

Born on March 15, 1968, Arnold attended Beachwood High School. After watching Eddie Murphy’s Delirious special, he became interested in standup. At Cleveland’s Hilarities 4th Street Theatre, Arnold performed his first standup.

Originally a comedian, he became a television writer in 2000. The Rickey Smiley Show, House of Payne, and Meet the Browns are some of David’s TV shows. Fuller House, a Netflix sitcom, was also written and produced by him.

Like other comedians, Arnold wanted to launch sitcoms based on his shows. The show never went into development, despite discussions with BET. BET told him he wasn’t marketable because he was not black enough on the Renaissance Man podcast.

His rant videos gained him popularity on social media. Fifteen years ago, Arnold shared comedic rants and videos. That Girl Lay Lay was Arnold’s Nickelodeon comedy series. His TV appearances include Meet the Browns and A Series of Unfortunate People. You can watch his Netflix standup comedy specials, David A. Arnold: Fat Ballerina and Ain’t For the Weak.

All these years, David A. Arnold has become one of the most famous comedians in the world because of his flawless work. After hearing the news of his death, his fans were in a state of shock.

I send my condolences to David’s family. Thank you so much for the laughs. Our hearts are full of love for you!

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