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Costco Bargain Trend on TikTok: Shoppers Turn to the Wholesale Store to Buy Branded Clothing

Another day, another TikTok trend…but this one is actually helping people save a lot of money! The newest trend on the short video sharing platform is the Costco bargain clothing trend, which is making users buy designer clothes from the wholesale store at discounts that they do not get anywhere else.

The members-only retail store, which is known for deals on bulk groceries and household products, is now the go-to place for many to get some high-end clothes. Read on to know more about the trend.

TikTok Users Show Off Their Costco Deals

As a part of the trend, users on TikTok are sharing videos of the huge deals they are getting on fashion brands by shopping at Costco. The store is apparently providing discounts on apparels by brands such as Puma, Hunter, FILA, Eddie Bauer and Calvin Klein. Some users have even shown off the deals they got on designer clothing by Givenchy and Valentino.

‘Costco clothing finds’ has now become one of the top searches on TikTok, garnering more than 1.8 billion views. Some other related hashtags have also started trending, such as #costcofashion with 5.9 million views, #costcoclothes with 5.3 million views, and #costcofashionfinds with 3.9 million views.

Users Share Secrets to Find Good Deals

A TikTok user, Jennifer Maldonado, has played an active role in the trend. She has an account named Costco Couture, where she regularly shares the deals she finds at the store. She made her account in May 2021 and has been visiting Costco stores in LA twice a week ever since and reviewing their clothes and deals.

Talking about the whole process of finding great deals, Maldonado said that it takes commitment and patience to find the right bargains. “You just have to take the time and look. I’ll go to a Costco a week. Sometimes I’ll leave empty-handed. So it’s just a matter of, you know, day and time and what they have in stock,” said the TikToker.

Talking about the importance of this trend, she said, “With the economy the way it is … people don’t want to spend a boatload of money on fast fashion. We want to get something that’s trendy, that’s great quality, but that’s not going to break the bank.”

Maldonado currently has over 20k followers, and some of her videos have reached over 600k viewers. Her account features clothes from Calvin Klein, Hurley, Eddie Bauer, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma and Adidas and luxury fashion brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Givenchy and Chanel.

Is Quality a Concern?

Maldonado recently found a Tommy Hilfiger quilted jacket for $29.99 and a couple of Calvin Klein logo joggers for $19.99. Another user, Ashley Bell, got two FILA sweatshirts for a total of $13. While the deals look lucrative, the users have also asked others to always check the quality of the product first .

“You’re not on Rodeo Drive. Be very realistic — we’re at Costco,” said Maldonado, adding that one should touch the fabric seams and zippers to check the quality of the product. Fashion writer Frances Solá-Santiago, has also told people to be aware of the quality, stating, “A lot of the merchandise that you do get at the stores is kind of at an outlet level, kind of the selection.”

So when are you planning to rush to Costco? Tell us in the comments section when you find some good bargains.

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