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Chaze Vinci Banned by Stanford University over his Offensive Social Media Posts

Chaze Vinci is a Stanford University student who has been banned by the University from entering the campus over the offensive social media posts shared by him.

The university has however not disclosed if the student will be expelled or some disciplinary action will be taken against him. Chaze Vinci has shared posts on social media by making racist and sexist remarks on Sunday as well as Monday.

Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne issued a public letter on Monday to reveal that it has banned the student from entering the university campus or facilities as a ‘first step’ of its action. He further said that ‘other additional measures will be taken by Stanford against Chaze Vinci.

Stanford University banned Chaze Vinci over his Racist and Sexist posts on social media

He, however, has not disclosed more details regarding the measures owing to University policies and privacy requirements.

“The posts created pain, fear and anger for many people,” Tessier-Lavigne wrote in his public email. “The threatening language and identity-based attacks in the posts are totally inconsistent with what we want, or will accept, at Stanford.”

The racist posts shared by Vinci during the weekend were cited through the email shared by the Stanford President. The racist posts include violent imagery pointing a Black student as well as a faculty member. Other offensive posts of him have also been cited by Marc Tessier-Lavigne to ban Vinci from the campus.

It seems that Chaze Vinci has now deactivated his Instagram account as well as deleted some tweets shared by him.

More offensive (sexist and racist) posts have been shared by Chaze Vinci yesterday on Monday. He even tried attacking other community members via his posts.

He wrote in one of his posts admiring former Stanford student Brock Turner as: “A woman always gets what’s coming to her. But yea. I’m the one who’s getting expelled. How’s that worked out in the past?”

With the news of Vinci’s offensive posts spreading, a number of people including few Stanford University faculty expressed their anger against him. They even raised their voices to take further action and expel Vinci from the university.

The initial posts by Vinci were referred to as “abhorrent and racist” by Tessier-Lavigne. He wrote, “Due to the threatening nature of several of the weekend posts, and the violent imagery accompanying them, many of you have expressed concern for the safety of members of the Stanford community.”

He further mentioned, “We take our obligation to provide for your safety and wellbeing extremely seriously, and we have held this obligation firmly in mind as we have been working to address this matter.”

Well, time will only reveal Stanford University’s next course of action against Chaze Vinci.

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