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Caroline Gaddis, League City Counselor is Still Missing

The League City Police Department and her family members have intensified their search operations to trace Caroline Gaddis who went missing a week ago.

39-year-old Gaddis is a counselor by profession. According to her parents, she was seen for the last time on 18th March leaving her office in Galveston.

Her mother, Judy Haddis, said, “If she were going away for a week, like, she’s been gone a week … it’s just so … it is not like her not to say something about it.”

On 22nd March, Gaddis’ parents received a call from Caroline’s office, a mental health counseling agency in Galveston, to know her whereabouts. Her parents have been in a state of shock and have been worrying about her safety ever since they received this call.

Caroline Gaddis went missing from League City a week ago

Her father, Bob Gaddis, said, “I got a call from her office, from her work, and they said, ‘You know, she’s not here yet, your daughter is not here yet, do you know where she is?’ I have no idea.”

Caroline Gaddis did not report to work last Tuesday and she sent a text message to her supervisor a day earlier stating that she is not keeping well. This is the last known message sent by Caroline. Her mother believes that Caroline might have sent the SMS as it was sent directly to her supervisor.

Post that message, no one is able to contact her by phone. Judy said that Caroline Gaddis did not report to work the next day and she did not ask for an extension of leave. Her employer called up her parents as she was very punctual and had no prior history of missing work.

Her cousin, Amber Gaddis Burger posted on Facebook with her pic, “We are still searching for my cousin, Caroline Gaddis. Please help us by sharing, keeping an eye out, tweeting/tagging news stations/crime podcast/police departments.

Our family had a long day yesterday of leads that didn’t result in much. Please pray for her parents and brother as they keep the resolve to search and for all of us as we hold them up. Please pray for her quick and safe return. #findsweetcaroline”

Gaddis’ family requested EquuSearch to assist them in tracing her as per Tammy Phillips, a spokeswoman of EquuSearch.

Search operations to trace Caroline Gaddis have been intensified

Police conducted a welfare check at her residence, League City apartment, but could not find any signs of a struggle.

Her mother confirmed that a suitcase is missing from her place which she gave to her daughter, however she is not sure if it had been packed and taken or if her daughter had simply thrown it away.

Caroline Gaddis resided in the Dallas area for around eight years. According to her mother, Caroline was known to take long drives in her car but she never cut off communications earlier. Gaddis is single and doesn’t have any children.

Her vehicle details are as follows:

Color: Dark Blue

Model: 2018 Nissan Rogue

Car Number: Texas license plate MBZ-7403

Equusearch requested citizens to report any information pertaining to Caroline Gaddis to the League City Police Department at 281-332-2566 or EquuSearch at 281-309-9500.

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