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Canadian Actor ‘Saint Von Colucci Death Story’ Is A Hoax

A few days ago, TMZ reported a rather shocking story (following the footsteps of Daily Mail) wherein claims were made that a 22-year-old Canadian actor, Saint Von Colucci died after spending over $220,000, on 12 surgeries, just so he could look like BTS heartthrob Jimin.

It was reported that he was allegedly receiving a seven-figure salary to play Jimin in an upcoming Korean drama “Pretty Lies”. It turns out that not only the story was fake, but the existence of Saint Von Colucci is also untrue.

Saint Von Colucci Doesn’t Exist!

Misinformation has become a part and parcel of journalism. While renowned publications like TMZ continue to lure readers with juicy gossip, they also end up posting misinformation, just for the sake of views. Such is the case of Canadian actor “Saint Von Colucci’s Death Story”, which was published by multiple outlets after TMZ broke out the story.

It was reported that a 22-year-old Canadian actor, Sanit Von Colucci, in an attempt to look like BTS star Jimin for his role in an upcoming Korean drama, died after dropping a whopping $220,000 for over 12 plastic surgeries just to resemble Jimin.

It was first reported by Daily Mail that Saint passed away last week at a South Korean hospital, as a result of complications from multiple cosmetic surgeries. Saint was set to play Jimin in an upcoming Korean drama. But as a matter of fact, neither the story is true nor is Saint Von Colucci.

Saint Von’s Character Is A Well-Described Mockery

Daily Mail indeed made readers believe in the existence of someone like Saint Von Colucci. It was falsely reported that Saint underwent the knife 12 times, including jaw implants, a facelift, lip reduction, an eyebrow lift, and a nose job.

Not only this, it came out that Saint Von’s publicist mentioned that he developed an infection from previous jaw implants, and therefore underwent another surgery to remove time. He died as a result of complications. The publicist revealed that Saint was aware of the risks involved but still wanted to reshape his square jawline and chin so he could look like Jimin.

The actor was described as someone who went to South Korea in 2019 to make a name in the music industry but remained insecure about his face and appearance. He wasn’t getting the roles because he felt“felt very discriminated against his Western looks.” Well, the well-knit lie surely serves as a free script for South Korean directors because Hollywood ain’t buying it.

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