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‘Bucket List’ TikTok Star Harrison Gilks Passes Away at 18 After Cancer Battle

TikTok star Harrison Gilks best known for his Bucket List series has died. The Canadian teenager who was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 used the video-sharing platform TikTok to share his story with people around the world.

The beloved TikToker from Fredericton passed away at the age of 18. Harrison took his last breaths on March 30, 2023, Thursday while surrounded by his mom, dad, and brother. Read on to know more about Harrison Gilks.

TikToker Harrison Gilks died after his battle with cancer

TikTok star Harrison Gilks, who documented his cancer journey has left for the heavenly abode. The heartbreaking news of the teen’s demise was confirmed by his brother on Harrison’s TikTok account, which had more than 300k followers. At the time of his passing, he was only 18 years old.

Harrison’s brother said, “I’m making this video because Harrison sadly passed away a few hours ago. He was not in pain when he passed away and he was with his family. I just wanted to come on here and say thank you to everybody around the world for their support and encouragement. It really did mean a lot to him.”

Harrison Gilks shared his last health update on March 21

The social media star used to share his health update with his fans all over the world. His last health update came out on March 21. In the video shared, he can be seen in a hospital bed. The video showed Harrison saying that although he was able to “have a great time” during a recent trip to Mexico with loved ones, he “had some complications during the trip.”

Gilks went on to say, “I don’t know how to say it other than the cancer [has] spread. I’ll be in the hospital for probably the remainder of whatever time I have left, which is obviously very upsetting.”
At the end of the video, the teen mentioned that the Bucket List series was complete. He concluded by saying, “It’s been a great ride with you guys on the bucket list….bucket list complete.”
During an earlier interview with CBS News, Harrison’s father Trevor Gilks talked about how he and his family got immense help to check off the items off the teenager’s bucket list. He and his wife Sonya wanted to make all of Harrison’s final wishes come true. At that time, he said, “A whole community looked after making this possible.”
His dad told the media outlet, “That’s what chokes me up the most, having strangers wanting to be a part of it. Until this we were pretty private and stubborn. We wanted to do everything on our own. But it was quite remarkable to watch people step up.”
Trevor stated it was an emotional journey for him as he knew his son was experiencing a lot of “firsts and lasts.” He continued, “Every time there was something that would put a big grin on his face and you could tell in that moment he forgot about cancer. You see those moments and it’s all worth it.”

When was Harrison Gilks diagnosed with cancer?

For those of you who are unaware, let us share with you, as per CBS News, Harrison Gilks was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma in November 2020. According to the Mayo Clinic, rhabdomyosarcoma is a rare type of cancer that forms in the soft tissue and most commonly affects children.

In February 2022, the teen’s father told the publication that he was showing signs of remission. A couple of months later, Harrison and his family found out that his cancer had come back and it was described as terminal.

That June, Gilks dropped a video in which he talked about the start of his Bucket List series. He said, “This isn’t the normal type of stuff I post, but found out today, or it was kind of confirmed to me, that I have terminal cancer. The reason I’m making this and I’m putting it out there is I’d like to make a little series … I’m gonna go out and do a bunch of stuff that I’ve always wanted to do.”

As per his obituary, his diagnosis meant that “he could no longer do some of the things he loved,” like playing sports. He “turned his attention to travel, while he was still able.”

Harrison Gilks tried to live his life to the fullest by ticking off items off his bucket list

Harrison’s adventures included trips to many beautiful cities like New York, Toronto, Montreal, and Tampa where he got to watch a couple of hockey games. He also paid a visit to SoFi Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Rams. In a TikTok video, he talked about one of his experiences and said, “All the players came over to talk with me. It was pretty cool.”

Gilks obituary reads, “He was determined not to let cancer get in his way. But after nearly two and a half years of a hard-fought battle, knowing he did as much as he could, knowing he was loved and strong, he said goodbye.”

The teen will be remembered as “an inspiration to many” His obituary further reads, “He always found good in every situation and touched the lives of many with his messages of hope and encouragement through his TikTok videos, where he chronicled and shared his journey with cancer with the world.”

It has been reported by CBS News that following Gilks’ demise, somewhat around 1,000 people came forward and showed their support in “Sticks out for Harrison,” and shared pictures of hockey sticks outside their home in his memory.

A post from the event reads, “We are sending his family love and support. Harrison is forever in our hearts.” According to his obituary, a funeral service will be held for Gilks on Friday. You can make donations to charity in his name.

Our love and prayers are with the entire family of Harrison Gilks during this time of difficulty. May his soul rest in peace. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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