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Boxer Kenneth Egano Dies at 22 After Collapsing in Ring

In a tragic turn of events, Filipino boxer Kenneth Egano passed away after a fatal bout that took place last week. The 22-year-old boxer suffered a brain hemorrhage during his fight against Jason Facularin at Imus Sports Gymnasium in Imus, Philippines on Saturday.

Egano was placed in a coma in a hospital for four days, but could not recover. He passed away on May 10th. The unfortunate news has now shocked the boxing world. Read on to know the complete details of the development.

Filipino Boxer Kenneth Egano Dies After Post-Fight Collapse

Egano, a bantamweight, had the eighth professional fight of his career last week. He faced Jason Facularin in eight rounds of Blow by Blow, a weekly boxing show. Toward the end of the match, Egano suffered a major blow at the hands of his opponent. However, he survived the blow, picked himself up, and defeated his opponent.

The two boxers were waiting for the referee to announce the result when Egano suddenly collapsed in the ring. He was put on a stretcher and rushed to Imus Doctors Hospital. It was later revealed that the boxer had suffered a brain hemorrhage and was put into a coma.

Four days later, he was declared dead. The match was organized by eight-time world champion and former senator Manny Pacquaio, who took care of Egano’s hospital expenses. The promotion also paid for his parents’ flight tickets so that they could visit their son.

Games and Amusements Board Announced Egano’s Death

The sad news was announced by the Games and Amusements Board with a statement on Wednesday. “The entire agency of Games and Amusements Board (GAB) mourns the passing of professional boxer Kenneth Egano. Our condolences to Kenneth’s family, relatives and friends. May his soul rest in peace,” read the statement.

Pacquiao also paid condolences by saying, “There is nothing more precious than human life. Boxing is truly a dangerous sport and the boxers deserve nothing but respect as they put their lives on the line. Other sports you play, but you don’t play boxing.”

Jason Facularin Heartbroken by the Development

Egano’s opponent from the match Facularin is said to be heartbroken after his death. “I didn’t expect that this will happen when we did our best. Why did it happen to us? “Sorry that it happened. I hope you’re in a good place,” he wrote on social media.

A number of social media users have also expressed their grief over the boxer’s passing. “Tragic reminder of how dangerous this sport is even when clean, let alone when a fighter is on PED’s. RIP,” wrote a user. Another tweeted, “My condolences are with his family and friends sending my love.”

“He won, but at what cost? Prayers to Kenneth Egano. At least we know he died doing what he loved,” wrote another. “Every time this happens it’s a reminder to respect every man that steps through the ropes. Dangerous, dangerous sport. RIP,” tweeted a user.

Our condolences to Egano’s family and friends. May his soul rest in peace!

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