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Bam Margera Is A Gone Case, Threatens To ‘Smoke Crack Until Dead’ Unless He Sees His Son

“Jackass” star, Bam Margera has declared that his addiction stands above his recent legal battles. The star is having a real meltdown as he confessed to smoking crack until he is dead, if not allowed to see his son. The actor was previously arrested in March over domestic abuse allegations.

Bam Margera’s Threats Are Drug-Filled

The American former professional skateboarder, Bam Margera is adamant to meet death if not allowed to see his son. The “Jackass” star, whose ex-wife, Nicole Boyd filed for legal separation in Feb, pulled the plug on their 10-year-old relationship, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split in their divorce papers.

The television personality, who shares a son with his estranged wife, recently posted an alarming rant on his newest social media account, ripping his family and Nikki. He alleged that his estranged wife and his relatives are the reason why he is drinking so much, also stating that not being able to speak to his son, Phoenix has made things worse.

In the end, he also threatened to smoke crack with his bums until death if his estranged wife wouldn’t allow him to see his son. Bam’s legal team claims that Nikki won’t even let them talk over FaceTime.

Besides this, Boyd also filed legal documents, seeking “sole physical and legal custody” over their son, alongside $15k a month in child support. Nikki revealed that his visitation rights depend on him being able to complete his rehab program for drug and alcohol abuse.

Bam Margera’s Legal Troubles Are Never Ending

Apart from the legal drama against Nikki Boyd, Bam Margera was arrested in March for allegedly kicking his girlfriend during a domestic violence dispute. Back then, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department told the publication that the deputies received a call from a woman alleging Margera kicked her.

The alleged victim, who did not reveal her real identity, told the law enforcement officials that ‘her husband’ kicked her. A couple of sources revealed that Bam’s estranged wife Nicole Boyd was not involved in the case. Bam was released after posting a $50,000 bail.

In the same month, it was reported that the television personality was arrested after allegedly making a scene at a restaurant where his estranged wife and son were eating. Police stated that Bam was drunk in public and had a massive argument with a woman.

Throughout their marriage, Nicole and Bam have faced a fair share of ups and downs as Margera’s battles with substance abuse continued to play out in the public. Because of Bam’s substance abuse, Nicole filed for full custody of their son in 2021.

In the year 2018, Bam was sent to rehab after he was arrested by the cops for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) in California, and from that point in, he has been in and out of treatment facilities.

Shockingly, his “Jackass” co-star Steve-O previously called him out and said that he’s afraid Bam is going to die due to his substance abuse. He wrote in a since-deleted Instagram comment that Bam got “loaded” in one of his comedy shows. He also mentioned how he has been braced for the news” of Bam’s untimely death. We hope Bam finds the light!

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