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B2K’s Raz B Seen On Hospital Roof In A Bizarre Video, Broke A Window In An Attempt To Escape

R&B boy band B2K founding member, Raz-B, whose real name is De’Mario Monte Thornton, got his fans concerned after appearing in a bizarre video. The singer was seen on a hospital rooftop, after allegedly breaking a window to escape. The incident occurred on Thursday (May 25) in Kansas City.

Raz-B Claimed He Was Fighting To Stay Alive

R&B boy band B2K’s founding member, Raz-B, whose real name is De’Mario Monte Thornton, got his fans concerned after posting a bizarre video on his Instagram page wherein he repeatedly said, he did not “feel safe”. He also shared an address to a Kansas City hospital in the caption, stating that he did not want to have his surgery there.

Thereafter, a concerned onlooker watched from a window across the way and recorded the scene wherein Raz-B was seen on the hospital roof after allegedly escaping from a window. Officers arrived after being contacted by hospital security.

Not only this, but the city’s fire department had to place mats below the building, fearing that the singer may jump from the roof. But then, Raz B turned away and went back inside and peacefully got himself treated by the medical staff. It remains unclear what exactly the singer is suffering from.

Concerned Fans React To Raz B’s Condition

After the bizarre video, fans, and celebrities took to Instagram and expressed their concern. Natalie Nunn commented on Raz B’s video, “Call me, Are you okay?” Another curious fan wrote, “I’m from Kansas City what’s going on??

One wrote, “I asking anyone who is watching this post to PLEASE not make fun of him. This is a critical situation and we are trying to get him some help. I am BEGGING you all. Please DO not repost this. Mental Health is not a joking matter. Please continue to pray for our Brother.”

One concerned fan wrote, “He’s clearly in a manic state and hasn’t slept!… Look at his eyes!….take him to the hospital so he can get some help…and rest! Another mentioned, “Be easy that’s the city where we lost Mac Dre 😮 get out.” Another wrote, “Chilleeeeee I wish he gets the proper help. This is exhausting to always see him begging for attention.

A fan explained that  Raz B should have never gone on Bad Boyz. He continued, “That show did nothing but trigger him. He never got the proper help for his childhood trauma and it’s painful to see him cry out in so many different ways and he still doesn’t get the help he needs. Praying for you Raz.”

During a performance in Zhejiang province in 2013, Raz B tried to stop a fight in the audience and was hit in the face with a glass bottle. Initially, it was reported that he fell into a coma, but later the information was labeled as a hoax.

Raz B’s B2K released their album, Pandemonium! Raz B created this group as a teen but disbanded the group, after B2K’s first feature film, You Got Served, was released in 2004. The single released his first single, Fire in May 2007.

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