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Asian Doll Reportedly Arrested, Streams on Instagram from Prison

Tough times for Asian Doll! The rapper has reportedly been arrested and is currently locked up in jail. The 25 year old Dallas native apparently had a hearing on Monday, but her bond has been denied.

Asian Doll, whose real name is Misharron Jermeisha Allen, shared a number of stories on Instagram stating that she would not be able to make it to her scheduled events in the upcoming days as she is behind bars right now. Here is everything we know about Asian Doll’s arrest.

Asian Doll Locked Up in Prison

The rapper posted a number of messages on her Instagram stories recently, the screenshots of which are now being circulated online. In the first story, she revealed that she would not be able to perform at her planned show in Alabama as she is detained.

“Sorry Alabama and dc I won’t be making it I’ve been detained while it’s my & I don’t see a judge until Monday I’ll make it up to y’all love y’all stay safe,” Asian Doll wrote. In another story, she wrote, “Free me they tryna do me bad,” followed by a facepalm and a sad emoji.

On Monday, she revealed that her bond has been denied. “Bond was denied! Still in jail. Sorry to all my fans about the shows I missed. Love y’all, be back soon.” The rapper also went on a livestream on Instagram, in which she seemed to be recording from inside the prison and was wearing a jail uniform.

However, there has been no confirmation about why the rapper has been taken into custody and what charges are being pressed against her.

The Rapper has been Imprisoned Earlier as well

This is not the first time Asian Doll has been sent to prison. In June 2018, she was arrested after getting into a fight in New York City. However, she was released only a few hours later. In September 2020, the rapper was again taken into custody in Georgia over drug charges.

At the time, Asian had shared a message for her fans from inside the jail, writing, “I just want everyone to know I’m going to get out better, stronger, wiser, smarter,” and later made headlines for asking her ex-boyfriend King Von to get her out on bail.

The Fell in Love rapper was released on bond four days later. After coming out of jail, she shared her mugshots on social media and revealed that she had actually gotten richer after her stint in prison.

“B*tches do months in jail just to come out broke asf*** I did 4days & came home to 71k. Worry bout what your outcome gone be looking like cause fasho I was in jail ONNAT them 4days. All 36 of them b*tches I was locked up with can tell you how I was rocking in that b*tch,” she wrote at the time. 

“I’m in jail famous & pretty trust me hoes tried it & I was ON THEY ASS ON MY SOUL & when I got out I told them hoes good luck y’all hoes got 6months to go & walked out,” the rapper had tweeted.

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