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Arnold Schwarzenegger Hits Bicyclist in Car Accident in Los Angeles

Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a car accident on February 5, after which a bicyclist had to be rushed to the emergency room. The 75 year old actor was driving his car in West Los Angeles when he hit a woman on a bike.

It is reported that Schwarzenegger was not at fault in the accident. The woman is said to have changed her lane quickly, which led to the crash. The Los Angeles police department is currently investigating the case. Read on to know the full details of the development.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved in Car Accident in LA

The news was first reported by TMZ, which revealed that the former governor of California was driving around West L.A. on Sunday morning when a woman riding a bicycle steered into his lane and was hit by his car. The incident has been confirmed by some eyewitnesses.

As per law enforcement sources, the woman took a sharp left turn and came in front of Schwarzenegger’s vehicle. The actor wasn’t reportedly going too fast, but he did not have enough time to bring his vehicle to a standstill. Emergency services were then called, and the woman was taken to a hospital. 

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger was seen speaking with police officials on the spot. An investigation is going on, and the LAPD has concluded that the actor should not be blamed for the accident as he could not have avoided the crash. They have labeled it as ‘a simple traffic accident.’

The Woman has Sustained Minor Injuries

The woman was complaining of pain after the hit. She is said to have suffered minor injuries and is in stable condition now. Schwarzenegger, fortunately, came out without any harm. He helped the lady by attaching her bicycle to his car and got it fixed at a local bike repair shop.

Additionally, no drugs or alcohol are suspected to be involved in the accident. Also, the police have not found any criminal activity. Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger is yet to release a statement on the matter. More details of the accident are awaited from the officials.

Schwarzenegger Previously Crashed his SUV Last Year

This is not the first time that the Terminator actor has made headlines for a road accident. Just last year, he was involved in a horrible crash as his Yukon SUV struck a Porsche Cayenne and rolled over a Prius. The accident took place in January 2022 in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles.

“There was a collision about 4.35 on Sunset and Allenford Avenue. It was a four-vehicle traffic collision (and) fire departments and paramedics transported one female to a local hospital with an abrasion to her head. Neither alcohol nor drugs are suspected as a factor in this and all parties remained at the scene,” the LAPD had stated.

Schwarzenegger did not suffer any injuries at the time. A few days after the incident, the actor’s son, Joseph Baena, gave an update on his health and said, “My dad is always great. He’s doing fantastic, always training, always staying healthy. As far as I know, he’s doing really well.”

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