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Aharon Brown, Longtime Stalker of Arianna Grande Arrested for Breaking Into Her Home

Ariana Grande’s home was allegedly broken into on Sunday by Haaron Brown, who had been the target of a previous arrest. Last September, Brown threatened security at the singer’s house with a hunting knife after pulling up to her house.

Police arrived after Ariana’s security alarm went off and arrested Brown, according to a source who spoke to the publication. A not guilty plea was taken up on Brown’s behalf concerning the allegations of stalking, burglary, damaging electrical lines, disobeying a court order, and obstruction. Police are currently holding Brown.

The Defendant Violated A Restraining Order On More Than One Occasion

An individual who has repeatedly violated restraining orders from Grande in the past has been arrested after breaking into her home when she was away, a source told TMZ. In September 2021, Brown was also arrested after he allegedly screamed, “I’m f-king gonna kill you both”, at the pop star’s Los Angeles home.

During a hearing before the Los Angeles Superior Court, the singer said that she was afraid for her safety and her family’s safety. Grande expressed her concern by saying, “I am worried that Mr Brown will return to my home and set out to physically harm or murder members of my family or me without a restraining order.”

According to reports, Brown violated the restraining order recently, despite the restraining order being granted. After violating the law by breaking into Grande’s home just two days earlier, the celebrity stalker was supposed to turn himself in by Tuesday. Instead, he went to her home to try to get close to the star once again.

On Grande’s Birthday, She Stayed Away From Social Media

Grande didn’t post anything on her birthday on social media, though she shared a video of herself at about five to mark the day.

Nothing more than an emoji of bubbles appeared in the video’s caption. In the video, a young Grande can be seen wearing white socks, a white blouse with puff sleeves, and a black dress.

Her eyes are capacious as she asks: “What do you think? I’m Peter Pan or something?” She smiles broadly at the camera. Grande did not respond to the birthday messages posted on her Instagram account.

After Roe v Wade was overturned in the United States, Grande remained silent over the weekend. Since then, she has shared content on her Instagram Stories about the crisis unfolding in her country.

What Is Aharon Brown’s Background?

It appears that Aaron Brown is wrongly obsessed with Ariana Grande, as he stalks her in the past. In September 2021, Brown clearly had an evil intent toward Ariana Grande, even though there is no personal information about him.

Upon arrest, Brown was charged with criminal threatening. Furthermore, a judge issued a restraining order prohibiting him from approaching Ariana. Despite that, he continued to approach the singer despite the restraining order. A report states that Brown was charged with stalking, burglary, destructing power lines, flouting a court order, obstruction, etc.



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