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Actor Tom Sizemore Hospitalized After Suffering Brain Aneurysm, In Critical Condition

Tom Sizemore has been rushed to the hospital after a severe health scare. The actor, known for his role in Saving Private Ryan, has suffered a brain aneurysm and is said to be in critical condition.

Sizemore is currently in the ICU in a Los Angeles hospital. His manager Charles Lago has confirmed the development, revealing that the chances of his recovery are uncertain as of now. Read on to know the complete details.

Actor Tom Sizemore Critical After Suffering Brain Aneurysm

Lago revealed that the 61 year old actor suffered a brain aneurysm at his home in LA around 2 am on Saturday and fell unconscious. Someone then found him and immediately called 911. The Emergency Services then arrived and rushed him to a local hospital, where he is currently in the intensive care unit.

In a statement released to the media, the manager said that Sizemore is currently under observation. “I can confirm Tom is hospitalized in intensive care due to a brain aneurysm. He is currently in critical condition and it’s a wait-and-see situation.”

“His family is aware and waiting for updates. There are no further updates at this time,” he said. Lago further added that the actor’s family is ‘hoping for the best,’ but ‘it is too early to know about a recovery situation’.

Sizemore has had a Long Battle with Drug Addiction

Over the years, the actor has kept in the news for his drug addiction and legal issues arising from it. In 2003, he was sent to prison for six months for beating his then-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss. Four years later, he was once again arrested for violating his probation. In 2020, he was booked for possessing a controlled substance.

Sizemore talked about his journey towards sobriety in an interview in 2021 and said, “I’ve been trying to get sober since 1991 … It became really big news much later than that, but I was trying to stop. I’ve had a problem for a long time. I had periods, long periods, of sobriety and I would end up relapsing.”

“I still go to meetings and work my steps, but I had reached a place in my life where I knew I had to stop. I couldn’t be arrogant anymore. If I wanted to reach a nice and pleasant old age, I had to stop. And if I wanted to watch my kids grow up, I needed to reach a place where I knew it was over. So far, it has remained over,” he added.

The Actor is Starring in a Number of Projects This Year

Sizemore rose to fame with his portrayal of Mike Horvath in the 1998 Tom Hanks film Saving Private Ryan. He also appeared in several other projects, including Ben Affleck starrer Pearl Harbor, Tom Crusie starrer Born on the Fourth of July and the TV show Twin Peaks.

The actor is reported to have 33 credits to his name. He is also set to appear in a number of films this year, including the sci-fi film Impuratus, where he plays a detective who witnesses supernatural activities.

We wish Tom Sizemore a speedy recovery! Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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