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3 Year Old Girl in Mexico Wakes Up at Her Own Funeral After Being Declared Dead by Doctors

In an unusual turn of events, a 3 year old girl in Mexico was found alive during her own funeral. The girl named Camila Roxana Martinez Mendoza from Villa de Ramos was noticed to be breathing in her casket after being declared dead due to dehydration by hospital staff the previous day.

The family then stopped the funeral and rushed her to the hospital, but unfortunately, the girl could not survive and was declared dead again. Her parents are now seeking justice against the hospital, citing poor medical care and negligence caused her death.

The Toddler Woke Up at Her Own Funeral

The girl was declared dead on August 17 at Basic Community Hospital of Salinas de Hidalgo after being admitted for acute stomach pain and fever. Her funeral was planned for the next day. But during the service, her mother noticed condensation on the coffin’s glass and thought she was still breathing.

The mother informed others, but everybody thought she was having hallucinations because of her grief, until the toddler’s grandmother noticed her eyes moving. She was then taken out of the coffin and found to be alive with a heart rate of 97 bpm. Camila was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, but her condition deteriorated on the way.

She was declared dead, once again, after reaching the hospital. “That’s where my baby really ended up. We are devastated because my girl was a very cheerful person. she lived with everyone, she didn’t distinguish people, we have a lot of friends on the ranch because she was love,” said the girl’s mother in a statement.

Camila was Initially Declared Dead due to Dehydration

The toddler was admitted to the hospital after experiencing symptoms of upset stomach, fever, and vomiting on August 17. She was prescribed two sachets of serum and 30 drops of paracetamol and sent home. But the family did not notice any improvement in her condition even after a few hours passed, so they decided to take her back to the hospital.

After some treatment, the hospital staff pronounced her dead. “I felt my girl’s strength, they take her away from me and tell me: let her rest in peace,” recalls her mother. The girl was then locked inside an office, alleges the mother, and a funeral home was contacted by the hospital.

The Family now Seeks Justice

The family now has two death certificates in the name of their daughter, one citing dehydration as the cause of her death and the other stating that she died of cerebral edema. The mother now wants justice for her daughter.

“What I really want is for justice to be done, I don’t have a grudge against the doctors to reach an extreme, I just ask that the doctors, nurses, and directors be changed, so that it doesn’t happen again,” she says.

“She wanted to study, she had books where she would study and she would tell me: ‘Mommy, I want to study because I don’t want to be stupid in kindergarten, I bought her letters, to color, and to read. She wanted to go to kindergarten now, adds the grieving mother.

The state attorney general, José Luis Ruiz has said in an interview that an investigation was going on into the matter.

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