Zara’s Lungi Catapults the Fashion Status of Desi Dads Across the World

My dad called me this morning and I had to concede defeat in the lifelong case of Daughter vs. lungi-wearing Dad.

“See beta, I was fashionable all along!” my dad gloated upon sharing the news that Zara, effin’ ZARA, is selling a lungi as a part of their women’s skirt collection.

This is the lungi in question:

Photo courtesy Zara; idea courtesy desi dads around the world

I’ve spent the better half of my life urging my dad to get with the times and wear more fashionable clothes in general. I specifically waged a domestic campaign for him to wear pajamas or sweats, rather than a lungi, when chilling at home. One can say that I had lungi-shamed him but hey, he has spearheaded many a battle against my sartorial passions as well so shame-shame/same-same.

His lungi collection is pretty robust, consisting of numerous patterns and colors. Most of them are pure cotton handlooms in sambulpuri patterns from our native land of Orissa. They never struck me as anything extraordinary.

Now, I’m not proud to admit this, but I’ve never quite appreciated the diversity of my dad’s lungi collection until I went to Zara’s website, saw the lungi they’re playing off as skirt and thought, rather smugly, my dad has better lungi than Zara; phrase I never thought I’d think and write.

Photo courtesy; a very accurate portrayal of my dad’s collection

Whats more, and something Desi Twitter is calling Zara out on is that they are selling their lungi for a whopping $89. EIGHTY NINE DOLLARS FOR A LUNGI!

Photo courtesy Zara

On their website, Zara describes it to be a “Flowing skirt with draped detail in the front. Front slit detail at the hem. Zip fastening in the back hidden along the seam.” All I saw was Hi idiot, buy a $89 lungi with a zipper.

What’s even more hilarious, not counting the hefty price tag, is that Zara is calling this a check mini skirt. Zara, wait, what?! How is what they’re displaying a mini skirt? I mean, a mini skirt means your knees should be showing, right? Some thigh? Zara, y’all want a mini skirt, I suggest this (though not check):

Image courtesy Pinterest

Now that’s a mini, not whatever Zara has going on. I guess they’re getting modest in their older, culturally-exploitative age.  To add fuel to hilarity, on their site, Zara proposes you wear the following two items with their bapa’s lungi, err, I mean mini skirt:

OK Zara, yeah, I’m gonna wear a checked coat or a “striped sweater with scalloped trims” with a lungi. Though, to be fair, my dad has rocked a long coat with a lungi to get the morning paper and the look “works” for a desi dad, much to the chagrin of his daughter. So yeah, even that look has been done, Zara.

What’s a girl to do? Obviously head to my dad’s closet ASAP and steal those beautifully patterned lungi, pair it with some whackadoo polka dot shirt and heels and I, too, can be a Zara girl!

Photo courtesy Zara

Until then, we offer our own look at an Uncle in a lungi/Zara’s “mini skirt.” My dad wasn’t available for a picture though he’s more than ready to be reached for comment on his, and his ilk’s new found status of fashionista.



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